Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Finally Leaving Talca!

Well 11 meses(months) in Talca and I'm finally off!!!!!!!!!!

That's right mission Chile Talca has now officially moved to other parts of the mission and this missionary is so stinking excited for what's to come!!!

I'm also extremely sad to say goodbye to all of the amazing people that I've meet here that have truly blessed and changed my life. I am filled with love for these Chileanos and I never  imagined saying goodbye to some of them would be harder than it was to say goodbye to my own family at the airport. BUT IT IS AND IF NOT HARDER. Because I just love them so so so much!

But even though this week was hard to say good bye to others it has been by far my all time favorite Christmas and deff one for the journal!!!!! This Christmas has been filled with more Christmas cheer than that of Buddy the Elf.

We started off our Christmas Eve as a zone going into the town center and singing Christmas carols to all of the preoccupied shoppers that were filled in the street. At first no one listened but then the sweet spirit of music filled the whole street and we had a good number listening to us. It was incredible to see the work that sweet music can do. Then we went to an old person home and read scripture with all the old people it was just such an amazing day of a lot of joy!!

Then we were invited to a lot of members homes, ate a lot of food and were just happier than ever to have a very hot Christmas.

I'm so grateful for this opportunity that I have to be here in Chile spending the birthday of our Savior Jesus Christ with the people I love so much. Thanks for all your prayers because I've really felt them. Our investigators have felt your many prayers said in their behalf as well.

Tender mercy this week was one Hermana Loreto told us how grateful she was for the help we've given to her. She said that this week she was going to talk to the bishop for some extra help and my heart was just full of gratitude for my wonderful family who has been praying for her these last weeks. I know that one day I'm going to get a very special email with photos of her baptism and it will be the best day ever. I know that it will be even better when she goes to get sealed in the temple and puts herself on that way to eternal life.

I'm just mostly so grateful for the amazing love our Father in Heaven has shown to us. He has blessed us with the literal path way back to Him. I know he loves us so much and he wants nothing more than for us to make it back to His presence. That's my only hope for Loreto and Roldofo and also for my wonderful family.

I sure hope every one had an amazing holiday and were able to really think about the wonderful time we are celebrating. Know that our Savior was born and more importantly that he lives now, and because He lives, I too can live again.

Love you all and hope your holidays continue with joy and light!!!

Hermana Hilburn
One of the sweet primary children of the Talca ward

District in Talca

making sugar cookies with this sweet Hermana

These cute Chileans even cover their trees with yarn

Really going to miss these Talca members

Christmas gifts

More awesome Talca members Hermana Hilburn will miss!

Monday, December 19, 2016

WELLLLL This week was super hard and cool and awesome and nutz and tears and smiles and just all the works.

So to start off we went to RANCAGUAAAAA. Which means party with president and all of my favorite old people and it was just a JOY to be there and it was so fun to ILUMINA EL MUNDO. So as a mission all of the zones went up to Rancagua and we sang at nursing homes, rehab centers and it just brought me so much joy becuase it reminded me a lot of good ole Upstage times when we would prefroma at different places.

But our zone got to go to a rehab center for women who were recovering from drug abuse. We sang and practiced songs and preformed a show for them. We had about every women in tears becuase even though we were a group of not too talented people singing. The spirit of the Lord was there helping us every second. Then our president talked to them inviting them to partake in the healing power of the atonement and the spirit was just so pure and amazing. Afterwards I had about 10 new friends and gave away 10 B of Mormon's!!! WHAT A GOOD TIME TO SHARE THE GOSPEL. The music not only touched their hearts but gave them hope to leave the pains of the world and to make a new life in the way of our Father in heaven.

Then because I'm a trouble missionary and always have reasons to call the nurse. I too got the virus that's going around in the mission of vomit and all the works but little did I know that this sickness would lead to an incredible experience.

So Thursday I started feelling real bad after lunch. Just super tired and exahusted but we had CUAL QUIER CITA(A lot of appointments) that day so I said a little prayer in my heart that I would be able to push on and serve these chileans.

So the first cita I just was not feeling too hot but I was able to get through it long enough to go to the bathroom at the end. The second city, same thing but when we left, the desire to throw up became a little stronger. So we went to a near by park to take a little rest on the grass. Then as I was lifelessly laying on the ground white in the face and a SUPER PASADO(super angry) Chileano mujer comes out of her house and yells, "get up you shouldn't be laying down in front of my house". Knowing that I was going to throw up on her face I got up and asked if I could go to the bathroom. She rudely declined but stilll talked to us but after 15 min of her complaining about her life she finally let us in so I could use the bathroom. In the bathroom I prayed my face off then left and we were able to share the book of Mormon right before leaving and the spirit was so strong as we testified and I felt better. Then we prayed and left her home.  The second we left her house I ran to the other side of the street and threw up.
I was just so grateful that Heavenly Father was supporting me even through my sicknesses and helped me share his words even when I wasn't feeling good. He truly answers my prayers and understands exactyly what I need.

Other news, please keep Hermana Loreto in your prayers because she has everything completely ready for her baptism this week and she just called us today and told us she wasn't going to get baptized. Right now I'm trying to hold every tear I have in my eyes but I do know that she will one day be baptized. Even though I feel completely heart broken right now and I don't know what more I can do I have faith that our Father in Heaven loves that lady so so much and wants nothing more for her and her family to be an eternal family. That's what I've been fighting for, for the last 5 months. It's insane how much our Father in Heaven loves us and wants us to be together with Him. I know that even though I won't be there to see it or won't be there to help her any farther (because cambios are next week and im probably out) I know one day I'm going to get a letter from some lucky missionary telling me all about it.

I'm so grateful to be here doing the Lords work. Even though it is so hard and sometimes just heart breaking, I know that it truly is the right thing. I can't help but think "Why shouldn't it be hard, If it never was easy for our Savior Jesus Christ." Please send all the prayers possible that I wont't discouraged and that this family will be strengthened enough one day to follow this example of Jesus Christ and be baptized.

I know our Father lives and that he loves each and every one of us. I'm grateful to be here helping these stubborn chileans chagne their lives and follow our Savior Jesus Christ.
Hermana Hilburn

President and Hermana Harris

Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Good, The Best and Loreto




This week we really wanted to step up our game with our lessons with members because the Chilean members need a little help and sometimes leave us hanging. So we made a goal to work every single day with a new member to win their confidence and to help them love the obra missional. It really was amazing because of this we found:


Their names are Patricia and Clara and they are both really eager to learn more about the restored gospel. Patrica was so excited to come and learn more and in prep for church she read up to 2 Nephi 32 in 3 days. GOLD. WE UP IN HERE SPEWING OUT FLAMES OF HAPPINESS!

This week we also got going with ILUMINAELMUNDO or LIGHT THE WORLD AND IT WAS SO INSANELY AMAZING. We got to share that video with so many people and feel the wonderful spirit of service. We have been following the challenges every single day and inviting every one we see to do the same and we have really felt the power of the light of Christ. It was crazy amazing!
So this week was an amazing week but we also saw a lot of hard times with out progressing. One of our sweet investigators that we've been working with for so long and is still having a hard time quoting smoking. We are so sad for her because it was only 2 weeks before her baptism. She was supposed to quit completely smoking to prepare herself for this incredible covenant with her father in heaven. She was not able to stop completely and fell into her bad habit again, meaning we had to cancel her baptism leaving both her and us so extremely sad.

But through hard times Hermana Hilburn learns huge life lessons!

This week I really took time to ponder the covenant I made with my father at 8 years old. As I was reading Mosiah 18: 8-10 this week I realized how big of a commitment it was for me to make with someone who loves me so much. As we tried explaining the huge commitment baptism is with Hermana Loreto we did everything in our power to help her understand that a baptism is not only just a swim in a pool with a white pretty dress but a covenant that lasts forever.
I think about how incredible our Father in Heaven is to allow us to be able to make these covenants with Him. That is if we follow Him, and if we do he will POUR BLESSINGS OF HEAVEN APON US.  And it is so true.

I know that my Savior Jesus Christ lives and died for my sins so I could repent and be worthy to make these promises with Him. My heart was full of gratitude for what He did for me this week as I helped Loreto understand that we really are able to repent and change and be followers of Jesus Christ. Helping her udnerstand this helped me in ways I can't even begin to describe.

Gratefully the month of December is always a time we can think of the importance of our covenants that we made with our Heavenly Father. That we will ¨cry with those that cry ¨¨comfort those that stand in need of comfort¨¨be followers of our Savior Jesus Christ.

I have just learned how imperfect I am and how I cannot for one second do this life alone with out His help.

I am so extremely beyond grateful for this 10 months I've had in the craziest, place on earth. I'm grateful for the opportunity that I have had to learn and grow and serve these Chileans with all my heart.



Monday, November 28, 2016



So excited to send my love from Talca, because even though my head still hates me this week and the doctors don't know how to find my vein with out poking me 6 times. This week was still  so awesome because God gave me such a huge blessing this week. I don't have a ton of time so I just want to tell you about the amazing miracle I was able to see this week. 

So this week I got to do divisions in my old sector in Independencia, Talca because the Hermanas are in a white wash and don't know where anything is so they called the "Talca expert" to show them around the block. 

So not only did I get to see HERMANA PATTY  but she is going to church now!!!!! She is working with the bishop on things and is progressing so nicely towards her baptism.  

I also got to see another ma oslavia that we were working with that is also going to church now and super happy to be living the gospel. 

But the best thing was one night it was getting late and we ran out of plans so Hermana Steenblik asked me if there was anyone else that we could go visit befoe we went home. As soon as she said that a family popped into my head! Their names are Derna and Marco. I thought, nah.... they won't be ready to see us yet but then the thought came back and I was like, oh that  is the spirit and I can't fight with that. So we went to Derna and Marcos house and they opened the door so excited to see me and the other Hermna's. They let us in and told us that they had gone to chruch this last Sunday with their brother in law in Osorno. They had been looking for the number to call us but they couldn't find it and they told us they wanted to keep going to church. 
This was a family I had worked with while I was serving in this area that never wanted to progress or do their compromisos. They didn't want really anything to do with the church and they were happy living their lives with out it. It was so hard to let them go when I was here because I knew how special they were, but we felt like it wasn't their time yet. 

Then 6 months later I was able to find them again when it was their time. We taught them about the Book of Mormon, committed them to read it and go to church this Sunday..... AND THEY CAME. and HOW HAPPY I WAS TO HELP THEM DO SO.


Even though this was something SO small it meant the world to me because I am seeing that this work is just so much bigger than me and my companion. But that our loving Heavenly Father is really the master chess player placing us in the right places so we can help his children.

We also had interviews with president this week and talked about the new campaign the church is doing for CHRISTMAS ahhh it's going to be so incredible and I am more than happy to LIGHT THE WORLD WITH THIS AMAZING NEWS OF OUR SAVIORS BIRTH.

Have a great week fam and stay awesome!!!

Hermana Hilburn
The bread in Chile is way too Yummy

Christmas fun already


P-day Fun

Always Putting on a show

Prettiest Countryside

Monday, November 21, 2016

Little Answers, Big Impact!

 To All my Favorite People! Yes, That is YOU!

This week continued with the head problems and the annoying headaches but don't worry, enough people told me I don't have a brain tumor and that I will be fine and now I really believe it. haha no but I'm seriously fine they are just continuing so this week we are heading to the doctor which means I get to stay with my best friend the nurse and go to the doctor in Rancagua!!!!! So we are about to be really good this Thursday with no more pain!!! WAAHOOO!!! but aside from that this was probably one of my favorite weeks of my whole mission due to the smallest things.
I don't realize how much I've changed until I take a step back and watch my actions and thoughts. I really realized how much more grateful I have become due to the great example of my companion. She is seriously the most happy and grateful person and I'm so lucky that trait has rubbed off  a little on me. I really realized that this week when a member gave us free laundry detergent and we both were so happy we were jumping up and down and dancing. Also when we were given 3 us dollars to buy ice cream. Also how excited we get to recieve new Ensign magazines. IT'S AMAZING  the ways the Lord can change you when you're serving  Him. I laugh at all the things I get excited about but I'm deep down grateful for the humbling experience of my mission and for the little ways Heavenly Father blesses us each and every day.  

With the new goals of the mission we have been working really hard to have lessons with members. Something that has been super hard in the ward because all the members in our sector work until really late at night. But we've been passing by and visiting them and helping them with the work effort. This Wednesday night I particularly didn't feel well in the head and I really wanted to go home and rest when my comp and I said a prayer in the street to know what to do. We both felt that we had to visit one more person and then we could go in. So we went with prayers in our heart and visited a member who when we got there we understood exactly why we were there. She is going through some really rough problems with her family and was feeling really alone. Tears filled her eyes when she told us the hurt she was feeling and the pain she was facing. I was super grateful in that moment to go through my own problems in the mission because I knew the right verse of scripture to share with her. As we left her house she said to us that she had been praying right before we knocked on the door for help. I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to help her and to be strengthened to do so.

Something that really impacted me was a little miracle we saw this week with one of our new investigators. This week we were teaching one of our investigators and we were talking about the book of Mormon and finding an answer if it was true. They weren't really listening that well and I was trying my hardest to help them understand that God is willing to answer their prayers. When we left the house I really didn't feel like the lesson went well at all and that they weren't going to recieve an answer and I was just feeling really down about it all. So that night I prayed super hard with alot of faith that they would receive a clear answer in to their prayers so they would know. We went back 3 days later to stop by and see how they were doing. When we went back we asked them about how their reading was going. As she was talking she told us that she read and she prayed and that that night she had a dream that someone in white told her to go to the Mormon church. She was so shocked how fast Heavenly Father answered her prayers and to be honest so was I. Even though this was something very small, it really made a huge impact on me. Because it made me realize how much Heavenly Father loves us and wants to answer our prayers. I'm so grateful that I was able to witness that and help her see the truth that we have in our lives.

I honestly am so grateful for Gods strengthening power.
I'm so grateful to learn every day the love our Father in Heaven has for us. He sends us the answers and the experiences when we need it.

I am learning every day to trust in Him more and more and it has blessed and strengthened me. I am so FULL OF GRATITUDE for the wonderful blessings that come from living this wonderful gospel.
Love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!!!!!!!
Hermana Hilburn

Love this little "Future Missionary" and his mom

Pretty sunset with this happy sweet companion Hermana Mendoza

Monday, November 14, 2016

Grateful for Family History, The Spirit and Talca!

WELL first things first. transfers are in and............

IM STAYING IN TALCA. ha That's right it will be 11 months by the end of this transfer in this lovely place. But honestly I am so happy because I prayed so hard to stay with all the amazing things that we have in store for this next coming transfer!!!! 

As I was thinking of what to write you all this week I thought of my favorite scripture. 2 Nephi 1:15 ¨but behold the Lord hath redeemed my soul from hell, I have beheld his glory and I am encircled about eternally in the arms of his love¨

Though I have not even been close to being saved from the fires of hell, I have felt the warm embrace of my Savior and my Father in Heaven through every hard thing the mission has thrown at me. I have felt so much His peace, support, His blessings and miracles every step of the way. This week especially I am so grateful for the support and love my loving father in heaven has sent me. 

This week was lesson after lesson bringing good tides and feeling power and authority of my calling. As a missionary we often get used to the wonderful spirit we feel and sometimes I feel like I neglect the support Heavenly Father gives us. But as we saw 2 huge miracles this week I have been trying so hard to focus on my Savior's warm embrace.

This week we found a new investigator named Patricia, who we found contacting right after saying a prayer to find others. We knocked on her door and she told us she was busy doing ... FAMILY HISTORY.!! Ha I about dropped ot the floor and wet my pants with joy as I told her that we love doing family history in our church. She let us in and we started talking and come to find out she listened to the missionaries 7 years ago but didn't get baptized becuase she didn't like a few things she read in the book of mormon and didn't understand it. So when she told us that I knew we had to ask her if she had prayed about it. She looked at us a little strange and said, 
"you know what? I haven't". So we invited her to pray and read the book of mormon that night and we would pass by the next day to see how it went. As we went by the next morning, she told us she felt so happy when reading the book and had forgotten all about her past judgements. She said she would continue to listen and to learn more!... MIRACLE...!

Also when we had a lesson with Loreto this week she told us how she had been smoking less and less each day so that she could quit completely and be ready for her baptism. Also this week in principles de evangelio we learned about baptism and she told me how excited she was for hers this 17 of December.  MORE MIRACLES!!  Especially to see this woman change completely and drop the things of the world so she could have a happier life and family in the gospel.

We also had another capital abierta(Chapel tour) this week and we had so many people ready to come and learn of the great news of the gospel. Our ward did just a killer job at inviting and accompanying friends and we had one of the most highly attended capital abierta's in the mission. 

This week my comp and I just went to bed so happy after recieving these huge blessings form our Lord. This mission thing has been hard and a roller coaster of emotions, trials and stress but I am so grateful for the hard times because through those I have truly learned so much about my Savior and what He went through for me. 

Have a great week everybody!!!!!

Hermana Hilburn

Golden Investigator

RIP Talca Helmet...You have done me good:)

Hermana Blake is going home. She will be missed!

Loreto and Roldofo Fajardo

Awesome Chapel tour with Elizabeth and Loreto

Monday, November 7, 2016

Learning to Trust More...

Seriously so so sorry for not writing good emails these past two weeks. I know I'm killing my mother, but the last couple weeks have just been a bit rough, challenging and your poopy poop head just got a little discouraged and down. But SHE'S BACK AND READY TO FILL YOU IN ON ALL OF THE MIRACLES THAT HAVE BEEN HAPPENING.

So this week has been just an incredible week of goal setting, goal achieving, helping others, and finding amazing people. Seriously I know for a fact the blessings that come to those who wait. Patiently. haha!!!!

But really we just had such a crazy awesome week. Our mission president set some new standards of excellence for our mission to help us get back on track. With goals that we have been far from reaching and from plans to achieve them. Seriously he is such an inspired dude. We talked a lot about having trust in Christ. This hit me real hard as he asked us to ponder what the word trust is and why it's even important to have trust in our Savior Jesus Christ. These past couple weeks have been disappointing and I haven't been feeling too well with a lot of headaches and feeling super tired. But as my sweet and amazing Mission President talked to us about trusting more in our Savior I realized that really was something I had been lacking. I knew I had faith in Him. I knew He paid the price for my sins, but what I realized was that I didn't really trust that everything was going to be alright and that I could really achieve the things that the Lord has set me apart with.

I lacked trust....... As simple as that.
So as we got back from our conference I decided to fast and pray for trust in my Savior. For more faith to do His will and to put my trust in his healing power of the atonement. I prayed and fasted to recieve help for the people here I love so so much. And wow! let me just tell you all the blessings we received.


Ahhh seriously we have seen so many blessings from fasting and praying for help. I feel more and more the power of the atonement and am better able to see the fruits of my labor for which I had been feeling so inadequate about.

Literally I am full of tears of gratitude for my loving Savior that really paid the price for my weaknesses  sins, pains and everything so I could find comfort in his arms.
I am just so extremely humbled by the love and power of my Saviors loving sacrifice. He has built me up and comforted me in the hardest times I've ever had. I just know with all of my heart that this truly is the true and everlasting gospel that is on the earth. If anyone every doubts it I want to ask you to really ponder the many blessings that have come through living the gospel. I have just seen so many as I looked and prayed to see them. I know that the family can truly be together forever and that with the Saviors teachings we can truly be made whole and strong through Him.

I just am lleno with love and gratitude for this gospel in my life.
I hope you all are able to see the amazing blessing of the gospel in your own lives.
Have a great week all and look for all the amazing blessings you have recieved from our loving Heavenly Father. I know that there will be more than you can even count.
With a lot of love,

Hermann Hilburn

Very fun home to teach the gospel and hold baby kitties!

Love this young woman who is a recent convert

Strolling through the countryside

Hmmm am I close to home?

We love to serve this sweet mom and her daughter

Great times a couple of weeks ago when I got to see one of my favorite people, Hermana Janzick!

Monday, October 24, 2016

BACK ON THE EMAIL TRAIN AGAIN. GOOD WEEK FRIENDS AND FAMILY!! ahhh what a wonderful and hard week in good ole Piduco!!!

Wonderful and hard are 2 perfect words to describe this week because it was a roollleerrrr coassterrr of emotions and of good times. So extremely grateful for the good and the bad seriously.

So this week I have just had strong constant headaches every morning. Monday night we had to come back early because I was dying. Never quite had that kind of pain and we had been walking for 3 straight days because every single appointment of ours from Saturday to Tuesday cancelled on us or weren't in their homes. We went a straight 4 days without entering a single house and teaching a single lesson in the hot sun (because it's getting hot here) and tired feet. Me being a terrible example to my trainee was just feeling a lil pitiful. With a bad attiude and tiredness. I was complaining and just giving in to Satan's ways and straight up murmuring. So we went to our zone training Wednesday moring and I was just beat and tired. Then we just had a lesson about diligence and following the spirit in our clase de districto. Man did I feel like Heavenly Father was teaching me a lesson. But being the bad human I am I still had a bad attitude after the reunion and was just not feeling the whole work thing.  Especially because the lesson we had planned was an hour a half away and it was beating down sun and we weren't really sure if they were going to be there. But my cute comp said we should pray and then go forward with faith.

So we prayed and with little faith I followed my determined companion. As she was practicing Spanish the whole way to our lesson I was thinking about how I needed to change my attitude and go with faith. So we finally arrived at the apporintment and they were there. We taught an alright lesson to the mom but then when her husband walked in at the end of the lesson both my companion and I felt the spirit so strong and we both just got the prompiting to bare only our testimonies that family's can be together forever. Tears filled his face as he told us how he had been praying for his family this whole week and wanted to give them more. They are "our miracle of the week". Our new investigators Maricel and Roberto the most humble farm people that live in the boondocks that have been looking to be closer to God.

Both my companion and I left that lesson in tears so grateful for the diligence we put into serving our Lord. After 4 days of not teaching a single lesson and being outside all day, I am so grateful for the opposition we faced so when we felt the spirit lead and guide us we could feel it so strongly. And the week just got so much better from there.
Hermana Blake(one of my sweet old companions) and I got to do divisions this week and I got to hear about all the old people I worked with in Indpendencia. If you remember Patty the mom of Yolli. She and Christian have been going to church and listening to the missionaries. She said they have invited him many times to be baptized and he hasn't said no. They just have to get married and get in that water! BLEESSSSISNNNGGGSSSS!

We had a noche de hogar with Loreto and her family and we talked about the temple. One of the member's who smoked and had a really hard time quiting bore her testimony of the power of the temple and how important it is to overcome obstacles and enter worthily. Ahhh it was so great. Also I had been working with every 9 year old in our ward to invite Cristobal to primary this week. I had a team of (3) 9 year olds come in to principios del evangelio and invite Cristobal to the primary class and HE WENT. HE WENT TO THE PRIMARY AND HE REALLY LIKED IT. The primary teacher came up to me after and told me that he read a scripture and was participating and talking to all the other kids in primary. GOD WORKS MIRACLES HOLY COW.

Ahhh seriously I'm just so full of grattitude for the good and the bad times. Because the beginning of the week was so rough we really could appreciate the good when it came.
There's opposition in seriously every single thing, God wants the best for us and he is so willing to help us if we ask and if we do our part.

I'm so grateful to learn about the grace and power of the atonement in our lives. It has blessed me and shaped me in ways I can't even describe. Thanks for all your prayers and thanks for your faithfulness. I'm so grateful to have you all in my life.

Have a good one:)
Hermana Hilburn
So fun to go on divisions with this sweet girl ole comp(Sister Blake) of mine

Our zone did a service project at a cemetery and we were given flowers for our service

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Power of a Testimony


So i will just share a cool experience that I had this week with you all!

So my cute little comp says Hi to everyone, literally everyone and as we were walking past the evangelica church as it was getting out of a session, she decides to say hi to a man that I knew was the pastor. He started talking to us and started just bagging everything we hold true and especially how the Book of Mormon is all a lie and that there's no need for a prophet in this day and age. So in this very moment there were so many things I wanted to say to him. I wanted to show him scriptures and I wanted to debate all thte things that I held true. I just had so many good things to say that would have helped him really think about what he was saying was wrong and that he needed to change his mind. 

But then my cute angel companion just told him her testimony. She told him that she knew that the Book of Mormon was true and that Joseph Smith really was a prophet of God. She said it with her cute broken Spanish and the pastor's face changed just a little. He all of the sudden didn't want to talk any more or listen to us, but in that moment he felt the holy ghost testify of truth to his heart, I am sure of it. 

It's incredible what our testimony's can do. They just invite that spirit strong enough to testify of His truth.

Well soorrryyyy I am lousy. This day has been a lil nutzo!!!

Jsut know I love you and I love God even more!!!

Have a good one!!!!

Hermana Hilburn

Love these Hermana's

Gotta have a Completo When in Chile

Exercise your faith

This cute little Philipino's first Chilean rainstorm