Wednesday, January 27, 2016

She made it to Chile!!!

I AM HERE. AND SAFE. Long day of flights but I'm doing well. Made it to the mtc and im already feeling a ton better. I love you guys and keep the prayers coming because I could always need them. But I already love it. There are 12 of us missionaries that traveled together 2 elders and 10 hermanas. I already got to speak spanish and I didn't do half bad!!! love you tons and I'm happy and healthy. P-days are on Tuesday's so talk to you later.

Church is true, book is blue. Spanish is kewl
Hermana Hilburn

Arriving to the Santiago airport. Hermana Hilburn and Hermana Wittwer ready to start their adventure!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Off to Chile

Well....She is off! Bitter sweet send off today at the airport, but she went through security stood up on a bench and waved to us in her happy Kristen way. Love this girl so much and will miss her beyond words. So grateful for her willingness to serve the Lord and the people of Chile.