Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Blessings of the Spirit


Okay I started writing a letter to you and it disappeared. WELCOME TO CHILE.  hahaha no but GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS AND HE LOVES US EVEN THOUGH LIFE'S ROUGH AND WE ARE LIKE, HEAVENLY FATHER WHERE YOU AT. But this week was another goody.


So a couple weeks ago we found Marlen and she's the greatest human in the whole wide world. She invited us in with huge smiles and open arms and we literally are so lucky to teach her. This Monday we put a fecha with her to be baptized and she said yes and how excited she is to get baptized. We then had 3 lessons with her this week which is huge and we are so grateful everyday to teach her becuase she is so refreshing to teach. Unlike all the other Chileans she doesnt like the Catholic church so she let us in. When we started teaching her she told us she would invited us back because of the feeling she felt when we were there. So HUGE BLESSINGS UP IN INDEPENDENCIA. Then the rest of the week we just contacted like no ones every contacted before. I think I talked to more people this week alone, than in my whole life! Okay that is a little dramatic but seriously so many people.
Through all this my comp and I have been pretty sick almost everyday. So when we can go out to teach it's such a huge blessing. We think it's because of the food or somthing but we are all good so don't worry. Just becoming big buds with the mission nurse!! But she's awesome and we are major home dawgs so I think she doesn't mind helping me with all my sick problems.

BUT YOUR HOME GIRL HAS HIT 5 MONTHS! Yesterday marks the day that I've been out in the mission field for 5 whole months!!! I can't even believe it!!! I still feel so new and like I don't know a thing but maybe I do!! Well I better because 5 months is a long time!!!

This week we had stake conference with our Talca stake and we were so lucky to have our mission presidents come and share their final testimonies of the mission with us. We listened to so many amazing talks and it was so nice to be there, especially because of what happened earlier that day!!
My comp and I were on our way to the conference right after a lesson and we had to take a taxi to do so because it was in Centro. So we were waiting for a collectivo and one came skreetching around the corner and I just thought, oh great. But we hopped in because we were going to be late. The car smelled like smoke, the man had inappropriate pictures and loud scary music playing. When we both got in we looked at each other and just knew this wasn't a great place to be. So the whole ride to Centro we both just felt so bad, like heaviness and didn't want to be in that car. So we were both so excited to get the heck out of there. When we finally got to the stacka we jumped out and ran to the church. We were talking and we both felt the same exact thing. We realized it was because the spirit just left us in that moment while in that nasty taxi. As missionaries we don't understand how strong we have the spirit because we have it all the time. So it was a dramatic change when we didn't have it. So as the meeting started we both were so ready to listen to the talks and feel that spirit again. Just as the choir started to sing "loor al profeta" my heart began to literally burn. It was one of the strongest spirits I have ever felt and I couldn't hold back the tears.

I just am so grateful for the spirit I have in my life!!! It is absolutely crazy the difference between having it with you and not. I think that was a little moment where my Heavenly Father taught me how important it is to be obedient and worthy of the spirit. It is the greatest gift we are given and I am so grateful to recieve that gift.

I love this gospel friends and I know it's true. THE CHURCH IS JUST AS TRUE AS THE BOOK OF MORMON IS BLUE. Read it, pray and have the spirit with you at all times.
Well hope you have a great week. Pray that this Chilean food will stop hurting me and that I won't be sick and that we will find people to teach. Okay thanks

Love you all!!
Hermana Hilburn

A sweet friend in the ward
 President and Hermana Warne: This mission President and his wife will be missed
 This dog thinks he belongs to us
 Sweet Hermana in the ward making 
chirazcos Inside the house!

 Every Missionary has to have one of these pictures

Hermana Goodman and Hermana Hilburn are Legal!
Chile won the American Cup!