Monday, June 5, 2017

Finding up a STORMMMMM!

I know I probably sound like a broken record but the Lord HAS ONCE AGAIN BLESSED US WITH SO MANY MIRACLES THIS WEEK, where to even begin!!

So I told you about the special fast last week, and this week I will tell you about the FRUITS OF THAT SPECIAL FAST WHO ARE CALLED ROSA CRISTINA AND ELENA!!

Bueno Rosa is STRAIGHT UP PREPARED and already has 2 best friends in church that 1 is now living with her and has a baptismal date and is enrolled in the self sufficiency class and wants to go to the temple with the ward this Saturday...... WHAT THE MIRACLE? THANKS HF. But she has been such a light becuase the first day we found her she wouldn't stop crying and now she is just filled with joy. It's incredible what the gospel can do for someone in one week. BLESSINGS....

So with Cristina and Elena we have been working a lot with the members and they are super receptive and we have just been finding up a STORMMMMMM!!!!!!

Also this week we had a MIND BLOWING training with president where he taught us how to study more effectively and to really study, apply, and love scripture study. And WOW DID HE DO A GOOD JOB BECUASE THIS MISSIONARY FAN GIRLED IT UP AND CHANGED EVERYTHING AND IS JUST LEARNING SO MUCH!! The scriptures rock!. They are so cool and as we study them every single day we grow and learn and become the people He wants us to be and we help others do the same.

But I just wanted to share a li'l with you guys from a scripture I studied this week in 1 peter 5:7

Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.

I know that is true. As we cast our cares upon the lord he really does take the time to listen and care to help us. I have felt that so much this week as we have really thought and done everything to help these people progress. I know He cares and sometimes all we need to do is tell Him what's up! 

love this gospel and the scriptures with all my heart. I repent all the time for taking them for granted and I invite you all to do the same. Our loving father in heaven has things to say to us. but we can only know through his sacred scriptures.

know this work is true and important and I love it with all my heart!

Have a great week!!!

Reunions are awesome!