Monday, November 21, 2016

Little Answers, Big Impact!

 To All my Favorite People! Yes, That is YOU!

This week continued with the head problems and the annoying headaches but don't worry, enough people told me I don't have a brain tumor and that I will be fine and now I really believe it. haha no but I'm seriously fine they are just continuing so this week we are heading to the doctor which means I get to stay with my best friend the nurse and go to the doctor in Rancagua!!!!! So we are about to be really good this Thursday with no more pain!!! WAAHOOO!!! but aside from that this was probably one of my favorite weeks of my whole mission due to the smallest things.
I don't realize how much I've changed until I take a step back and watch my actions and thoughts. I really realized how much more grateful I have become due to the great example of my companion. She is seriously the most happy and grateful person and I'm so lucky that trait has rubbed off  a little on me. I really realized that this week when a member gave us free laundry detergent and we both were so happy we were jumping up and down and dancing. Also when we were given 3 us dollars to buy ice cream. Also how excited we get to recieve new Ensign magazines. IT'S AMAZING  the ways the Lord can change you when you're serving  Him. I laugh at all the things I get excited about but I'm deep down grateful for the humbling experience of my mission and for the little ways Heavenly Father blesses us each and every day.  

With the new goals of the mission we have been working really hard to have lessons with members. Something that has been super hard in the ward because all the members in our sector work until really late at night. But we've been passing by and visiting them and helping them with the work effort. This Wednesday night I particularly didn't feel well in the head and I really wanted to go home and rest when my comp and I said a prayer in the street to know what to do. We both felt that we had to visit one more person and then we could go in. So we went with prayers in our heart and visited a member who when we got there we understood exactly why we were there. She is going through some really rough problems with her family and was feeling really alone. Tears filled her eyes when she told us the hurt she was feeling and the pain she was facing. I was super grateful in that moment to go through my own problems in the mission because I knew the right verse of scripture to share with her. As we left her house she said to us that she had been praying right before we knocked on the door for help. I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to help her and to be strengthened to do so.

Something that really impacted me was a little miracle we saw this week with one of our new investigators. This week we were teaching one of our investigators and we were talking about the book of Mormon and finding an answer if it was true. They weren't really listening that well and I was trying my hardest to help them understand that God is willing to answer their prayers. When we left the house I really didn't feel like the lesson went well at all and that they weren't going to recieve an answer and I was just feeling really down about it all. So that night I prayed super hard with alot of faith that they would receive a clear answer in to their prayers so they would know. We went back 3 days later to stop by and see how they were doing. When we went back we asked them about how their reading was going. As she was talking she told us that she read and she prayed and that that night she had a dream that someone in white told her to go to the Mormon church. She was so shocked how fast Heavenly Father answered her prayers and to be honest so was I. Even though this was something very small, it really made a huge impact on me. Because it made me realize how much Heavenly Father loves us and wants to answer our prayers. I'm so grateful that I was able to witness that and help her see the truth that we have in our lives.

I honestly am so grateful for Gods strengthening power.
I'm so grateful to learn every day the love our Father in Heaven has for us. He sends us the answers and the experiences when we need it.

I am learning every day to trust in Him more and more and it has blessed and strengthened me. I am so FULL OF GRATITUDE for the wonderful blessings that come from living this wonderful gospel.
Love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!!!!!!!
Hermana Hilburn

Love this little "Future Missionary" and his mom

Pretty sunset with this happy sweet companion Hermana Mendoza