Monday, June 12, 2017

Last Transfer!

Well it's the truth I speak out of my mouth humans!! Entering into my very last transfer of my mission WITH A BANG!

SO transfers came in and sad news my companion is out and another Argentinian is in!! Her name is Hermana Gerrero and I can't even pronounce her name but SHE IS SUPER AWESOME and I'm super excited to serve IN GRANEROS O ZIONNN!

This week has literally flown by so fast!! We have seen so many MIRACLES with our miracle in ROSA!!! This week we were able to pass by every single day and teach her and help her. And let me tell you she is a completely different person. She smiles and is happy and tells us all the time how grateful she is for bringing us the gospel and it's incredible to see her change. Now we are just helping her to quit smoking and it is a TASK because this woman has smoked 20 sigs a day for 30 years but SHE IS DOWN TO 5 WITH THE HELP OF THE LORD!! Literally she has put in so much effort to quit and we are so haoppy with her and it is a true joy to see her use the atonement in her life.

Speaking of the atonement. I am so grateful for it. With only 6 more weeks as a full time servant of the Lord I just got to tell you all how grateful I am for my Savior who gave his life for me and who suffered all my pains and sins. I love him so much and I know that He lives. I will continue preaching that till the day I die!! He lives and has helped me in the lonliest darkest and brightest times here in Chile. He has been my constant companion and has blessed me with grace and mercy. He has shaped every part of me and I can't even begin to tell the world how grateful I am for HIM!!  I just cant wait till the day He opens the door and says, "enter in ye faithful servant". I just want to serve Him with every ounce I have till the day I die! He lives. His power is real. His love is endless and His grace is sufficient.

Also amazing news!!! This weekend one of the people I taught in Talca and another in Santa Cruz got baptized!!!! Sebastian and Patty!!!! Literally was so happy when I got the note because I really do love these people. I'm also grateful to learn that this work is so much bigger than just mine and my companions. But it is the Lords. He has his timing and even though I wasn't there to see it happen, I  know that their lives are blessed from this gospel I love so much!!!

Sorry I can't remember ANYTHING from this week. Just that I am one happy camper here in Chile. 6 WEEKS LEFT AND IM SO EXCITED TO ENJOY EVERY SECOND AND SERVE WITH MY HEART MIGHT MIND AND STRENGTH. Love you all and thanks for the support. 

Hermana Hilburn

Love these cute Chilean children