Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Week 3. Out with the old, in with the new!

WELLL HELLLLOOOO AGAIN FAM AND FRIENDS. What a week. What a life. What a gospel we have. So lucky! So blessed!! So livin la vida loca.

Ok well this week kinda felt really boring but really don’t worry there was some spice that occurred.

So out with the old in with the new, we got all new missionaries because we sent out the first batch last week!! and it was a sad and happy thing. It was sad to see all our beloved friends leave but we were happy to welcome some new ones in. Hermana Christensen and I had to move rooms which was sad because we had to move into an old elder room. And let me tell you, my inner neat freak came out, and it came out hard. It was nasty but my comp and I got together and cleaned it. The only problem was we couldn’t fix the broken shower, that creates the freaking River Jordan all over the floor when you use it but its all good. We just get to do a little more cleaning to keep up every day, but all is well. Our new roomies are from Chile, Peru, Argentina and Oregon, so it’s a party and a half.

New people meant new teachers as well, and man was I sad to say goodbye to our old ones because they were sent straight from heaven. But don’t you worry because my teachers now might be even better. Our morning teacher is David Archuletta. you might have heard of him before. He’s so cool. jk its not really him but it looks exactly like him, and he sings like an angel. So I pray everyday to lock my heart, because oh man he’s a beauty. But he’s also an amazing teacher. He has already told us so many cool things and man I’m just one happy camper.

One of the things we do as a district with our new teacher is a group teaching. and HOLY COW ITS SO AWESOME. (I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO USE AN EXPLNATION POINT ON THIS THING BTW SO CAPS LOCK) We all get to teach an investigator as a group and wow, it’s miraculous watching. We get to teach him and stuff and its soo cool because we are like all connected through the spirit. It’s incredible. I’ll be thinking what we should say and someone will then say it. like so awesome. ah. dope sauce friends.

I’m just happy to be here. At first I was really having a hard time because I was like man I’m far away. But I feel so much comfort from all the millions of awesome people I’ve meet so far. Also it doesn’t hurt anything to be on temple grounds 24/7. Like I walk past the temple at least 5 times a day. How cool is that. We don’t get to go this week because the temple is closed for cleaning but it’s alright because I get to look at it and feel the awesomeness everyday.

Well just wanted to share a little thing with y’all. I have never felt the power of prayer so much in my life. I am like so excited to talk to my Heavenly Father every chance I get. Whenever I’m feeling down and feel like I can’t do it I just pray and feel better. I also know my Heavenly Father loves all his children because every time I teach I feel just a portion of his love and I just am like, YEAH HE LOVE US. One of those pump up church is true moments.

Well I love you all so much and send me stuff still. I’m still a dumb human who doubts herself all the time and I love hearing from all you guys. It’s such a pump up. ah. Well I hope you guys have an awesome week.

Oh and if you have the chance, watch or read Elder Holland’s talk from October of 2009 "Safety for the Soul" it will change ya life.


Hermana Hilburn

PS  I love the MTC president and his wife and they have the sweetest down syndrome daughter and she’s like my best friend here. We got to talk to her mom about having her and she is so incredible and told us she is just a little slice of heaven. She knows how special she is to Heavenly Father and I can feel that as well. I just love her and the president and his wife, they are angels.

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