Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Life's A Choice

Well I'm just so happy to be writing you all to inform you of our little miracle week.

The best thing about being with the happiest person in the whole wide world is that it just rubs off on you. Hermana Christensen is just such a bright beam of sunshine and I just love her so so much. This week there was a lot of answers to prayers and finding new people to teach.

This week we really thought about our goals and put the goal by the end of the transfer to have someone prepared for baptism. We also decided that it's possible that maybe we both might not be able to see the actual baptism but that would be okay. So we set out and started from 0 and our first night wroking we decided to pray right before contacting.

So as we finished our prayer I got this feeling that we should follow the wind. I laughed and told my companion my feeling and so we did. We followed the wind. And BOOM! 2 NEW INVESTIGATORS. And that same thing happened throughout the whole week and by the end of the week we had 5 new investigators. We also put a fecha with our lovely funny Flor and she promised that this day she would do everything in her power to meet that goal becuase she wanted to feel clean and worthy in the presence of our Father in Heaven. It was such a great week and I feel so blessed to be serving and helping these people I love so much here.

The best part of the mission is that WE LEARN SO MUCH. And the best thing I've learned is that God knows best and that he loves us. So if we know those 2 things and we know them well, like they are engraved in our hearts, we CAN BE HAPPY IN EVERY SINGLE SITUATION. Hermana Christensen really has taught me that in the time we've been together. Especially that I have seen this huge change in her it is such a testimony to me that the gospel is joy. Our Father in Heaven is joy and we CAN HAVE JOY.  It all depends on us and how bad we want it. This week a scripture has been running around through my brain don't "no malgastar su tiempo hijo mio¨ that life's a choice we choose every thing. That is the way Heavenly Father wants it. He wants us to become agents and to learn for our own good. Even when it's hard. 

Grateful BEYOND MEASURE for this great gospel that we have. happy as a clam sharing it with everyone. 

Hope you all ahve an amazing week!!

Hermana Hilburn