Monday, July 18, 2016

Talking With Nuns

Well... I'm emailing you from the same cyber I always do because I literally just jumped one ward over to la Florida. It's literally the sector that touches my old sector but don't worry...... ITS AWESOME.

Well I was secretly hoping, I'm not going to lie, that I would be put in a sector where the work was just flying by and I would walk in, have 30 investigators that were waiting to be baptized and I just have to do the easy part. Well, I think Heavenly Father was like wow, she still hasn't learned. hahah so I'm learning more and more, and after I learn, I'm going to learn some more!! THATS LIFE RIGHT???

Haha but La Florida is awesome. The work is a little hard because we don't have any investigators RIGHT NOW but that is all about to change. My companion is this cute little Peruvian who literally is so adorable and her name is Hermana Revolo. She is a convert of 2 years and has a year in the mission. She is so ready to get down to work and we have so many incredible plans for this transfer and we are going to turn la Florida upside down with the crazy amount of work we are about to get in to.

Ahhh I'm so excited to be here though!!! This area has a lot of potential and the members are super awesome. Our sector is really spread out and we don't use the bikes because we live on the 4th floor of an apartment building and my comp is like 4' 11" and can't do the bikes every day so we walk everywhere. But it's awesome and we are going to find the people who need us most!!!
So this week we were contacting literally all day every day. We only had one cita the whole week so we were really doing all we could to find the people who are just waiting to hear the good news. Our sector goes up to the mountains that are behind our house. So Hermana Revolo and I were like okay we are going to contact those houses in the mountains. So we talked to one of the members in our ward and we made plans to go see who lives up there.

Haha so we drove up there and all the houses we saw were actually just under construction and no one lived up there. So the member who was driving us was like, yeah lets keep going. Little did we all know that the cars we would see at night were driving to a Virgin Mary statue at the top of the hill. So naturally we had to see what was going on there and if any one was waiting to hear the gospel. So we kept going and found that the only people up there were 4 nuns. 

Hahah so it was the crazy adventure of the week. Just teaching and talking to some nuns and all that jazz.
I'm really excited to be here in la Florida!!! It's a little weird being so close to my first sector but I'm so excited to get to know the new people here.
Hope you all have a great week!!!

Hermana Hilburn

Hermana Revolo and Hermana Hilburn in the Mountains

Why not talk to a few Nuns!