Monday, October 24, 2016

BACK ON THE EMAIL TRAIN AGAIN. GOOD WEEK FRIENDS AND FAMILY!! ahhh what a wonderful and hard week in good ole Piduco!!!

Wonderful and hard are 2 perfect words to describe this week because it was a roollleerrrr coassterrr of emotions and of good times. So extremely grateful for the good and the bad seriously.

So this week I have just had strong constant headaches every morning. Monday night we had to come back early because I was dying. Never quite had that kind of pain and we had been walking for 3 straight days because every single appointment of ours from Saturday to Tuesday cancelled on us or weren't in their homes. We went a straight 4 days without entering a single house and teaching a single lesson in the hot sun (because it's getting hot here) and tired feet. Me being a terrible example to my trainee was just feeling a lil pitiful. With a bad attiude and tiredness. I was complaining and just giving in to Satan's ways and straight up murmuring. So we went to our zone training Wednesday moring and I was just beat and tired. Then we just had a lesson about diligence and following the spirit in our clase de districto. Man did I feel like Heavenly Father was teaching me a lesson. But being the bad human I am I still had a bad attitude after the reunion and was just not feeling the whole work thing.  Especially because the lesson we had planned was an hour a half away and it was beating down sun and we weren't really sure if they were going to be there. But my cute comp said we should pray and then go forward with faith.

So we prayed and with little faith I followed my determined companion. As she was practicing Spanish the whole way to our lesson I was thinking about how I needed to change my attitude and go with faith. So we finally arrived at the apporintment and they were there. We taught an alright lesson to the mom but then when her husband walked in at the end of the lesson both my companion and I felt the spirit so strong and we both just got the prompiting to bare only our testimonies that family's can be together forever. Tears filled his face as he told us how he had been praying for his family this whole week and wanted to give them more. They are "our miracle of the week". Our new investigators Maricel and Roberto the most humble farm people that live in the boondocks that have been looking to be closer to God.

Both my companion and I left that lesson in tears so grateful for the diligence we put into serving our Lord. After 4 days of not teaching a single lesson and being outside all day, I am so grateful for the opposition we faced so when we felt the spirit lead and guide us we could feel it so strongly. And the week just got so much better from there.
Hermana Blake(one of my sweet old companions) and I got to do divisions this week and I got to hear about all the old people I worked with in Indpendencia. If you remember Patty the mom of Yolli. She and Christian have been going to church and listening to the missionaries. She said they have invited him many times to be baptized and he hasn't said no. They just have to get married and get in that water! BLEESSSSISNNNGGGSSSS!

We had a noche de hogar with Loreto and her family and we talked about the temple. One of the member's who smoked and had a really hard time quiting bore her testimony of the power of the temple and how important it is to overcome obstacles and enter worthily. Ahhh it was so great. Also I had been working with every 9 year old in our ward to invite Cristobal to primary this week. I had a team of (3) 9 year olds come in to principios del evangelio and invite Cristobal to the primary class and HE WENT. HE WENT TO THE PRIMARY AND HE REALLY LIKED IT. The primary teacher came up to me after and told me that he read a scripture and was participating and talking to all the other kids in primary. GOD WORKS MIRACLES HOLY COW.

Ahhh seriously I'm just so full of grattitude for the good and the bad times. Because the beginning of the week was so rough we really could appreciate the good when it came.
There's opposition in seriously every single thing, God wants the best for us and he is so willing to help us if we ask and if we do our part.

I'm so grateful to learn about the grace and power of the atonement in our lives. It has blessed me and shaped me in ways I can't even describe. Thanks for all your prayers and thanks for your faithfulness. I'm so grateful to have you all in my life.

Have a good one:)
Hermana Hilburn
So fun to go on divisions with this sweet girl ole comp(Sister Blake) of mine

Our zone did a service project at a cemetery and we were given flowers for our service