Monday, April 18, 2016

It's Raining Blessings!

HOLA FAMILIA! GREETINGS FROM THE WETTEST PLACE IN THE WORLD. TALCA!!! No not the wettest place but i'ts been raining all day everyday and it's been just awesome sauce!!!!!

So this week went by so fast!!! But probably because it was a special week!!

We had a special conference for all the newbies and I got to see all my beloved friends from the CCM including one of my bestie's Hermana Christensen, who was my companion while at the blessed CCM!! It was so grand!

My companion and I left to Rancagua, where the mission home is, a night before because we live so far away. We stayed with a coulple of the sisters that live there and it was so fun!! Then the next morning we had our reunion with our whole group that was at the CCM and I just love our mission presidents and all the senior couples so freaking much! It's always a party when we get together with them!! It really was so awesome!! We had amazing food and learned so many awesome things. We are always learning about how we need to better teach with the spirit and how the spirit is the thing that really teaches the pèople. We also learned about how important repentance is and how it is the only way we can be more like our Heavenly Father and change. Everything that was taught was just so awesome!! It was all topped off with yummy food that was especially amazing becausHermana Warne(our mission President's wife) was the one cooking all the food... so you know.... Happy Kristen!!

So this week was a lot of walking, because we can't exactly ride bikes in the rain, so I got to practice a lot more Spanish! Because we walked everywhere and had so much time to talk it really gave me the chance to ask questions to my comp and practice the language and it was so fun!! I found out that with walking it's a lot easier to follow promptings and talk to a lot more people. SSaturday we were walking from a VERY ODD LESSSON WE HAD and both of us just felt weird and discouraged. So while we were walking, we decided to stop and say a prayer that we would feel normal and be ready to work. As we were walking, my comp was like, lets go to this menos activos(less active member) house.  I didn't really want to because we had visited her already this week. But I trusted my wise comp and when we got there we saw one of our future investigators we haven't been able to find for freaking ever! It was such an answer to prayer and then some because we also got to teach one of the less active members friends' that was there that day as well. It was just so awesome!!! ahhhhhhhhhh it was such a great ending to kind of a weird day we had. 

But yeah what a fast week!! Oh we had cambios(changes) and I am staying in Talca with Hermana Peralta and it's crazy!!! I guess usually President doesn't like companionships to stay together more than 1 transfer but he's having us stay together!! So we must need to do something awesome together!!! Well love you guys and hope you have a fantastic week. Sending alll my love from Chillleeeeeee!!!

Hermana Hilburn

Hermana Peralta and Hilburn

Still taking selfies
Singing in the rain

 So fun to see CCM companion Hermana Christensen
Training at the mission home(all missionaries from the CCM that came in March and their Trainers)

Helping Sister Warne
Sister Warne wrote:
 "Friday we held the five week training at our house for the missionaries who came in March and their trainers.  Since the housekeeper is out sick, a senior couple and some of the sister missionaries really saved me by helping cook, serve and clean up the lunch."