Monday, April 25, 2016

The Heaven's Be Singing


Well it started off a lil crazy slash funny slash stupid Hermana Hilburn moment. So we were coming back from splits and were riding in a collectivo (taxi kind of thing) and I had put my suitcase in the trunk because no room in the cabin right? So we were riding and when it was time for us to get out of the car we got out and watched the car drive away. Then I remembered that my wonderful suitcase with everything my life has to offer was in the trunk of that car as I watched it drive away in the pouring rain. So like every person would do, I sprinted after that car as my companion watched and couldn't keep up. Luckily, because my Heavenly Father knows how stupid I am the driver turned around and started to head home. Then he saw this crazy loony missionary running after him and pulled over and gave me my suitcase and we laughed the whole way home. So that's how my week started off just the same old dumb forgetful gal who left yall!!!!!!!

BUT THIS WEEK JUST GOT A WHOLE KNEW TYPE OF BETTER BECAUSE MY COMPANION AND I FINALLY FOUND SOMEONE WHO WANTS THE GOSPEL AND LET ME TELL YOU THE HEAVENS BEE SINGING BECAUSE THE WORKS BEEN A LIL SLOW AND FRUSTRATING. Ahhhhhh but her name is Andrea and she is just the greatest human that ever walked the earth. I found her when I was on exchanges a couple weeks ago and we went back to teach her and she told us how she felt like there was something missing in her life and that she felt something special when she talked to us and learned about the gospel. So we taught her the first lesson and afterwards invited her to be baptized and SHE SAID YES!!! Holy cow I've literally never, ever, felt that kind of happiness, like ever! It was the greatest feelz of my life. Our lesson was just so great and when my comp invited her to be baptized my stomach was just in knots and I was so nervous but when she said yes, my heart was bursting! I'm not lying it was the greatest feeling and my comp and I were so happy after we had to celebrate with a lil ice cream duhhhhhhh. But it was just so nice. Especially because this was the 5th person we've invited to be baptized and she said yes when all the others said no. I was so happy that we could help her but I was honestly more happy that she was able to have the gospel in her life. Oh great is my joy right now ahhhh!!!!! And to top it all off she came to church this Sunday and it was just so awesome. Everyone keep her in your prayers that she will continue to learn more of the goodness of the gospel because it's real good. 

Also this week we had a ward talent show so YOU ALREADY KNOW HOW HYPED I WAS FOR THAT. The missionaries all did a skit and not gonna lie your gal was a star.. jk I didn't have any lines but I think I sold the audience with my class "A" facials. But it was so fun and our wards GOT MAJOR TALENT!  It was so cute and it's so fun because all of the whole ward was there and participated and it was a party and a half. Oh and you already know that it started an hour after it was supposed to because well... welcome to Chile! But it's all good because our ward mission leader was able to fit us 2 missionaries and his family of 7 in there 5 passenger car and we made it home in time for curfew. ahahah but again. Welcome to Chile! 

Lovin the work everyday. There is something so sweet with follwoing the spirit to find others to help. My comp and I decided to visit this random family in our ward whose husband passed away 2 years ago and see how they were doing and when we got there we sang "How Great Thou Art" This sweet sister/widow told us she was so grateful for us stopping by and for us bringing the spirit into her home because the week had been hard for her. 

I just love being a missionary and getting the opportunity to help others in just little ways. I hope you all have a fantastic week and find opportunities to serve others!! You all rock and I love and miss you all!! Can't wait to talk to my Fam in 2 weeks!!! YAY

Hermana Hilburn

Ice cream celebration!(An investigator said YES to baptism)    
Talent show with the ward
 These members sent this picture home through Facebook message the night they had the Hermana's to dinner:) so sweet
 So much FOOD!
P-day Fun
The Titanic?