Monday, March 27, 2017

Change CAN Be a Good Thing!

Well I just wanted to say SO SORRY FOR NOT SENDING AN EMAIL LAST WEEK. Because I know how lame that is but I was in a lil depression because my very best friend and companion Hermana Christensen got TRANSFERRED. Super lame I know but all is well because I'm with another hermana from my MTC group, HERMANA BARNET!

She is INCREDIBLE. JUST ONE WEEK WITH HER HAS CHANGED MY LIFE. Hermana Barnet is from Farmington, Utah and has the strongest desire in the world to work and to serve and wow has it been a treat to be with her. She really is determined to share the gospel and serve till the very end. She's even been good at helping me do my work outs and eating healthier. Who even knew it would be possible right}?? I really do love her because she is like the EXACT OPPOSITE OF ME. She has all of the INCREDIBLE qualities that I want and she's gonna help me develop them. I'm so excited for this transfer and for the amazing blessings we are going to recieve and the wonderful people we are going to meet. HERE WE GO:)

Well this week was a little crazy and a little sweet becuase we have a brand new missionary living with us thats being trained and WOW ITS SO INCREDIBLE THE ENERGY AND THE JOY OF MISSIONARY WORK THAT CAME WITH HER. Also the fear and the doubts that come from new missionaries and this week was such a sweet one because I was able to help her out with the, "I know how you feel" talk. But it was especially incredible because this week her companion got super sick and they had 3 citas in their second sector that they were trying to working in. Which I've only been to once. But she was unable to leave and for whatever reason I said I could lead their sector for them. The sector I've been to once with a new missionary that doesn't speak Spanish. But we got on our knees, said a quick prayer and went out to work. and WOW DID WE SEE SO MANY MIRACLES. God literally just put person after person in our way to talk to. We were able to find our way around and were able to talk about a few of the goals and fears this cute little Hermana had. It's INCREDIBLE THE PLAN OF OUR FATHER who knew how much Hermana Wittningham needed a friend and a day full of miracles to turn the week around. Oh how I love my father in heaven!!

Well this week I completed 14 MONTHS HERE IN THE MISSION AND I JUST CAN'T EVEN BELIEVE HOW FAST THE TIME HAS GONE. I can't even begin to express how grateful I am for this time that I've had here serving my father in heaven and for his huge impact in my life.

I just want to end with my testimony right now because I am so grateful for the leaders in the church that literally are so in tune with the spirit that they answer all my questions and help me so much. I have really learned how grateful I am for the spirit of the Lord in my life. This week I was studying a lot about Gods timing and how sometimes we do have to just push through some of the difficult times we have. As I was reading and searching for this answer as to why. I received so many answers. Most of them where to keep pushing forward with faith and hope. 

I love my Savior who has been with me in EVERY SINGLE STEP OF THIS REFINING ROAD.  I have seen His hand literally lifting me up and rubbing my back when I've felt down. I've seen His mercy and grace in the life of others and most of all in my own life. I'm so grateful for the peace He brings and the joy that comes through sharing his love with His sons and daughters here in Santa Cruz, Chile.

Thanks for all the love and support friends and family. I love you with all my heart. Even though these Chileans have my heart you are always a good second best. Jokes:) haha love you you all.

Hermana Hilburn

Matching Dresses!

New Companion Hermana Barnet

P-day trip to the museum

Love it! Same name as Hermana Hilburn's trainer

Elders and President Harris doing some push-ups