Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July from Chile

Happy 4th of July!!!!! From Chile

Hola familia!!! I hope you are having an incredible week in the hot hot sun just enjoying life!!!
Hermana Blake and I are struggling in the health department and the missionary department and well in all departments. But hey I didn't sign up for an easy year and a half right??? haha but this week was a little more difficult.

First with the awesome news!!! PRESIDENT HARRIS AND HERMANA HARRIS ARE THE LITERALLY CUTEST AND MOST AWESOME NEW MISSION PRESIDENTS EVER. They got here Tuesday and we had intrevistas and a capitacion with them Friday and let me tell you they are absolutely splendid. Both are so ready to be here and so excited to help us and so strong and amazing. They both are just little angels sent straight from heaven that are here to help struggling missionaries like me. haha No I'm really okay but they really are here to help our mission and make it so much better!! They both have so much fire and are just beaming with happiness and I know they love every single one of us so much and are here to serve. Ahhh they rock! I already love them so much.

But that night we got a call from Patricia, Yolli's mom asking if we could call the bishop to come give Yolli a blessing. She was throwing up blood and her mom thought she wasn't going to make it through the night so she was crying and asked us to just pray for Yolli. So we got a hold of the Bishop and sent him over to their house and we couldn't leave so we just had to wait and hear from her. So the next day we went over and sang to her like we always do and she looked so bad. Just so weak and barely able to keep her eyes open, but still able to show her cute fun amazing personality. She asked us to sing only one song because she could "only handle so much singing" then only 1 prayer and then after the prayer she looks at both of us and just says, "and now you leave." haha I love that little angel and I know Heavenly Father is just waiting to welcome her with open arms, but I've just been so worried about her parents. The mom Patricia is inactive and the dad is not a member. They both have received the plan of salvation lesson but even with that knowledge I know how hard this time is for them. They are constantly asking us to come over and sing to Yolli so this week we've been over like 4 or 5 times. I love them so much and it breaks my heart they have to go through something like this. But I also know that Heavenly father loves them so much and wants the best for them. He is there with them every step of this tragically sad path holding their hands and lifting them up. I hope we can help them truly understand that and maybe help them to baptism and then towards the temple. 

Our investigator Marlen is just such an interesting one. Every lesson we have with her is like YEAHHH SHES GOING TO CHURCH and she never comes. Buttttt this week she came to a baptism that the hermanas who live with us were in charge of and you couldn't not feel the spirit in that room. So I hope we can get to the bottom of why she isn't going to church.

BUT WE HAD THESE 2 MENOS ACTIVAS IN CHURCH THIS WEEK WHO ARE BASICALLY INVESTIGATORS. Okay they are the cutest people ever. They got baptized when they were 20 went twice after, then never again for 25 years. So they went to church because we had the most incredible lesson with them and they told us they were worried for where their family was going and we were like well you should get back to church and they were like yeah.

AND EVERYONE LIKE NEW THEM  they had so many friends in church it was weird. I didn't know what to do because they didn't need us!!!
But yeah!!! This week was a hard one but I know that it will get better!! Please keep Yolli and Patty in your prayers that they will just feel peace!

Oh and your missionary, keep her in your prayers as well. hahah love you all and remember God loves you and hard things suck but they make you better!!!
Or at least that's what I'm telling myself and my comp!!!!

Church is still true:)
Hermana Hilburn

 These girls work so hard!
 Happy Birthday America!!!

Our 4th celebrations were dressing patriotically and eating some nasty hamburgers. 
Sweet Little Yolli
Hermana Hilburn's New Mission President and wife