Monday, March 21, 2016

Great Second week in the Combo!

HEYYYY FRIENDS AND FAMILY!!!!! ITS YOUR MISSIONARY SPEAKING AND SINGING GLAD TIDINGS OF JOY!!  haha Hope you guys had a great week!! Let me tell you about mine!!

So first of this week was a lot of meetings! We had a zone conference, ward conference and a special conference with president but all were super awesome!!

My fave was our conference with president because he and the rest of our adult missionaries are straight studs! So awesome and I love them all so much!! I got to hang out with the other sisters in the surrounding zones who I love so so much!! So yeah the conference was super great and I understood a lot of it (you know with that whole language barrier thing...) but it was ssoooooo good!! We talked a lot about bringing Christ into more of our teadching and inviting all to be baptized and to repent and it was just a conference for the books!!

This was on Thursday btw and after I did splits with a hermana in Conti which is a 2 hour bus ride away!! But man was I nervous for the split becuase,,,, the hermana has only 6 more weeks than I do in the mission and we both do not speak the language all that well.. but don't worry.. BECAUSE IT WAS SOOOO AWESOME!!!!

Conti is the prettiest place like ever!! It's this cute little beach town with hills and the ocean and great people!!! I wish I brought my camera!! It was beautiful!!! but man was I nervous!!! 2 greengas who do not know a lick of Spanish trying to convert people we don't know in a foreign country!! So as we left the house we said a prayer and Hermana Steenblick said an amazing prayer that we would just be able to communicate with people enough so they knew our purpose and they could feel the love Christ has for them. 

AND LET ME TELL YOU ALL PRAYER WORKS!! yeah wasn't fluent by any means but with the Spanish we both knew we were able to communicate and it was just beautiful!! We contacted into a woman's house who was baptized into the church and was inactive and they didn't have her records!! It was just so cool!!! and there were many other awesome stories, but not time to tell them all!!

I'm just so dang grateful for that prayer!! It helped us in ways we didn't even know!! Heavenly Father sure does love his missionaries!!! 

In other news!! i got called to talk in sacrament meeting this past Sunday.. which was rough.. but I already feel super tight with my ward so I think they understood and I just smiled like crazy so I think that helped!! 

So yeah great week!! I love this gospel. 

Whenever I'm scared, or nervous, or just feeling down I just open my Book of Mormon and instantly feel better!! 

Hope you all have a great week!!!

Hermana Hilburn