Monday, May 16, 2016

Amazing Blessings this Week!

Hola fam bam!!!!!
This week was a whirlwind of goodness!!!!!!! Both my comp and I were so nervous to start the week because we only had 3 citas for the whole week and we just were a little bugged that we would have to contact all week and find new investigators. But on Monday when we started work, we both decided that we were so ready and pumped to find those people and LET ME TELL YOU WE SEARCHED; THE LORD HELPED US AND WE FOUND. I really saw the hand of the Lord in our work and he be liften us higher and higher!!!!!

It was also raining this week which meant we were on our feet walking. But I think we were supposed to do that because I was able to help my comp with her worries about home. She goes home in 2 weeks and this sweet angel comp of mine has a difficult life. Like real tough! When she goes home she doesn't know where she's living and what she's going to do so we spent all day Wednesday talking about it and helping her figure out what she was going to do. So we talked about it for half of the day and then we said a prayer that Heavenly Father would help her forget her problems and focus on helping others. After the prayer it was like BOOOOMMMMMMMMMM HELP FROM HEAVENLY FATHER. We haven't found new investigators in a week and we found 4 in one day! It was possibly the coolest thing. The people were basically begging us to come into their house and let us teach them and we were just like, stop begging, we are here. It was just so awesome!

One couple that we found are so interesting. They are both like HARD CORE CATHOLICS. Like practicing and everything... hahah which makes them hardcore here because everyone else isn't practicing. But they invited us in and we just started talking about how they couldnt believe there were prophets on the earth today. I just got real nervous, especially because Jorge knows just about every verse in the bible by heart, because he is a professor of religion at a catholic university. So we were a little nervous as we entered the the house but right as we said the prayer the spirit came in like a rock through the window. They didn't want to fight anything we said. They were just like,e oh yeah that makes sense. So we left them with the Book of Mormon and 2 of the folletas because they love to read and made another cita with them. When we left their house hermann Peralta just looks at me and says, ¨that was the coolest lesson ever!  I remembered everything from the bible that I've studied before". I was just like, "same!" ahhhhhhhh it was so cool. I felt like David going up against Goliath and the coolest part was that I was talking and not carrying the lesson but almost. ahhh God rocks! He just helped us so much and it was just so great!!!!
It was really cool seeing the hand of the Lord in our work.
love you all and I'm so grateful for all your emails. 

Hermana Hilburn

While Kristen was writing this email her companion's bag was stolen! Kristen felt so bad because she had asked kristen to watch it while she got up for a minute. Kristen was so busy writing this email and so happy about the great week she had, that she didn't even hear or see anyone take it. Please keep her and her companion in your prayers this week. Her companion already is going home to a lot of hard stuff and it would be a huge blessing for her to be able to find her bag. Thanks for all of your love and support.