Monday, August 1, 2016

Emergency Combos

Well. How ya'll doing!!!!! Just your missionary from the Chile Talca mission sending my love all the way from...... A DIFFERENT SECTOR!!!
That's right. Special cambios came. And they came fast. It broke my heart and then I'm gone. Well actually we leave tomorrow but same thing. But before I go on I just want you to all know my comp and I are okay, we just have to be taken out of our sector because a creepy man keeps following us. We aren't sure exactly what he wants but president said that it's probably best to be put into another sector. But it's seriously so sad because these past couple weeks have been so hard. We have been just searching and searching for people to teach and have barely entered any houses to teach anyone. But this week we had such an incredible week and now we have to leave!!!! It's such a bummer. 

This week we contacted into a lady who was just right about to be baptized into the Jehovah Witnesses. But the day we contacted into her she was starting to have doubts. Something holding her back and she didn't know why. Then we came knock, knock, knocking and everything just turned upside down. We taught her the first lesson and I literally can't even describe the spirit that was in that room. It was absolutely incredible. We helped her realize that her commitment was with a church of man and not with God. We invited her to pray about the church and if this was the true church. And she said she was going to pray and call us. And it wasn't just like a oh yeah.... I'm going to call you... it was like a yeah, when I recieve an answer you guys will know. So we are just so excited to recieve that call!!!!

We also taught a guy named Joven Cristval and he came to church this Sunday. He's this little awkward shy boy that started going to church with his girlfriend. We thought for a long time that he just wanted to talk to us only for his girlfriend. But we found out in our lesson it's because he really likes his girlfriends' family and wants a family with more love. His mom walked in screaming at him during our lesson and told him that his religion couldn't come into the house. But we are leaving him in the good hands of the elders. They understand how important he is to Heavenly Father and how badly he needs the gospel in his life.

So with all that coolness happening this week you can imagine how hard it is to leave this sector. Man it's been so rough these past couple weeks but we have been working so hard to help the people here. Now we have to get thrown into a white wash in another city in Talca, called Piduco. But it's good we are going together!! So even though we are bummed to leave, Hermana Revolo and I have been praying for help like crazy. Seriously. We are so nervous to be thrown into a new sector three weeks into cambios in a ward who hasn't ever had Hermana's. We are also praying that the elders will be able to maintain our sector and help our investigators while working in their sector.

Ahhh it's nutzo. But I'm so excited. I really just feel right now like, send me where ever Heavenly Father. I've really learned that the mission is not at all about us. The baptisms we have are not ours. The members that we work with aren't just there to be our friends. All is for our Heavenly Father. Even though it's going to be so hard, I know that Heavenly Father needs me and my companion in Piduco. He needs us to help someone there and we have done our part here in La Florida.
I know it!!! and I know he loves us and he wants us to be safe.

Well I love you all to pieces and I love being a missionary. I love serving my Father in Heaven every second of the day. Even though it's crazy at times and we don't understand why things happen or what exactly Heavenly Father needs us to do, it all is such a greater plan than we can see.
Don't forget that he really does have a plan for each and everyone of us. He really does care so much about us and wants us to grow. He knows exactly what will help us grow into the person he wants us to be.

I love you all and hope this weeks a good one.

Pray my compi and I won't get lost too much this week in a white wash area and that we will be able to help the peeps in PIDUCO!

Hermana Hilburn
Hermana's Rock

Sad we have to leave this area

This family will be missed

P-day fun

Paint Ballin' with our zone

Been out 6 months!