Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Well I am extremely happy to be emailing you all from this awsome place. This week I think God was hitting me with a stick trying to get me to learn, but I think I learned and I'm on the right road to keep learning, growing and progressing and living and loving life. ahh okay.

So this transfer I think I have learned more about myself and the character of God more this week than any other week.

Not sure if you guys could tell but I was in a little bit of a Funk after special cambios and wasn't really sure what the heck I was doing here and so confused as to why I had to leave a place I loved so much and worked so hard in to come to a white washed  area that I didn't know a soul in. So this funk I was in was pretty noticible and I think it was really affecting the work. So God knew I needed to change so he sent me on a division wiht an amazing cordinadora(I'm guessing this is the sister trainer leader) who really helped me get my butt into shape. 

I was telling Hermana Maestre, my coordinator, how I was feeling and how I was really having a hard time in understanding what God's plans for me were. She is such an incredible person with the strongest testimony in all the world. She is a convert of 3 years and the only member in her family. She is truly here to serve the Lord and knows that this is His work. So she started to ask me questions; trying to help me realize what I needed to do. We came to the conclusion that I neeeded to ask God. I needed to get an answer from him as to what I'm supposed to be doing here. 

So I did just that and when I prayed I couldn't get this family we met the first night, out of my head. I wasn't sure at the time if it was my head or an answer, so I kind of brushed it off and went to bed. 

The next day we went to the noche de hogar that we had planned for them and I cannot even begin to explain to you the incredible spirit that was in that room. This familia is a part member family and the dad is a member but the mom and son are not. The mom never ever has been open to missionaries but she for some reason felt like she needed to let us in. She began to tell us that she felt a need to open her heart. All of these years she has been so shut off to change but after our noched de hogar son ella, ella empezo a pensar en su familia. y que ella quiere por su futura. Whoops I literally didn't mean to do that. Wow. Anyway she said that we were angels sent to help her family be a family eterna. Then after this incredible day we found 5 new investigators, another family and another mujer GENIAL. ahhhhhhhhhh it was so incredible.

But through all this the thing I really learned is faith. I had been lacking in so much faith it was insane. I didn't have any faith in my Father's plans. I didn't have faith and so obviously he couldn't do miracles. Well I had to learn the hard way but I'm so grateful I did. Wow!  I am learning every single day that God loves us so much. And all we have to do to receive his blessings is just have faith in Him and follow His commandments.

This gospel brings so much dang happiness I could cry. I know I am missing out on a lot of things love, and a lot of people I love are growing up and moving on, but I am so extremely happy to give all that up for a year and a half to serve the God I love even more. 

The only thing we have to give to the God that has given us everything is ourselves. 
I'm here trying every day to give myself to the God I love so much so I can do his will and help his people.
I LOVE THIS GOSPEL SO DANG MUCH. I am so gratreful to be here working for the big man loving his children.

Well I also love you all so much. And stop moving on without me!......Okay you can, but at least inform me about it:) okay?!!

Have a good one. Love you tons

Hermana Hilburn
This sector is huge which means we get to go across the freeway everyday.

Love Hermana Maestre. Hermana Hilburn's Coordinadora(sister training leader)

Biking to a lunch appointment 45 minutes away.

This was painted just for Hermana Hilburn

GB-Granite Bay! All the way in Chile

Our house is in front of a casino so lots of bright lights:)