Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hola! First Week Down


So hello. Wow have I been here for 6 days? or 6 years? Because I’m not sure as of right now!! hahaha I’m kidding mostly. But wow so much has been happening this week!! Like where do I even begin??? I wrote some notes down when I was in class because I knew I would completely panic when I got here and I did. But I went to the fastest computer and it has a charger so all should be good. Okay, so wow so much to tell!!!!

Okay the CCM (which is what the Chileans call it) is one cool place. We are staying in the habitants quarters or something like that that. It is right across from the temple and it is just so awesome. The days are so long and I swear the first couple went so slow but now I feel like I’m adjusting and its all good!! 

We have classes all day from 10am to 9:30 and it now goes by very fast. I’m with my district all day so it’s always a party. haha My district is all going to Rancagua and there are 9 Hermana’s and 2 Elders.... I know… poor elders but it’s okay because they handle it very well.  They are pretty much Chileans. All of the sisters are seriously so awesome. we probably have every single type of personality there ever was in the group but that’s what makes it so interesting!! At the CCM there’s only 2 other groups of greengos. Yeah the rest are latinos and its a party and a half. haha It’s always one of my goals to talk and sit next to them but they aren’t always receptive but I have tried for so long and now I feel like I’ve made some friends with them!!! Even though I know most just make fun of me. But I can handle it so it’s a ton of fun

The food is surprisingly delicious. Whenever they serve it I get a little nervous and I’m like oh no but it always tastes good, and they always have ice cream after so even if it doesn’t taste that great it’s all good because you are getting enough calories from ice cream. So obviously the church is true.

We get to teach 3 investigators each day and its so cool. We have to plan and prepare door approaches and lessons and wow it’s a lot of fun. That is probably one of my favorite parts because there’s such a strong spirit with you when you get to teach others. It’s totally awesome! My companion and I teach so well together and she’s seriously sent straight from Heaven. 

I love being a missionary and learning how to incorporate the spirit in everything you do. I love learning how we understand the spirit and how we receive promptings it’s just so awesome! 

For one of the lessons I was so nervous because the man we were going to teach was an atheist and didn’t want us to come in. We knocked on the door and started talking with him and then he brought up how his family is really close. Then I swear the spirit was screaming at me telling me to talk to him more about his family. I was then able to testify how I know families are eternal. He then started to act very curious. We then told him all about the plan of salvation and how it was possible for families to live together forever. I could see a change in him and I couldn’t hold back the tears. It was the perfect thing to happen that day because I had really been feeling down. I was doubting myself and nervous about the language  but a that moment when I was testifying in the most simple spanish possible, I felt so relieved, I felt so much peace and that peace hasn’t left me since. I am just so grateful for this gospel and for my knowledge of my Savior. I’m grateful I can just give up such a small time in my life and devote it to serving my lord.  

I just know Heavenly Father knows me so well and so he shows me in little ways everyday. He has put me with a companion who is seriously so awesome. Her name is Hermana Christensen and she’s from the factory (utah) but she is the greatest person I know!! It’s only the first week and I seriously love her so much. I have felt my relationship with my Heavenly Father grow so much because of how often I communicate with him. Man I just am so excited to get out there and find those people. Yes I know this is my first week and I am so far away from being ready but I know this is where I’m supposed to be.

Okay well I’ve really turned into that stereotypical missionary that has become all preachy but I just really wanted to tell you all!!! I am grateful for this gospel. It gives me so much peace. Sorry this email is so thrown together I am just so worried I’m going to run out of time. haha I promise my next one will be better!! hahah well I love you all so so much. 

Church is true ladies and gents and I’m here in Chile so don’t forget about me! haha be awesome. Do the right thing and pray often.

Hermana Hilburn

Hermana Hilburn and her companion Hermana Christensen

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