Monday, August 22, 2016

Staying in Talca

This week was a fast one that's for shizzle!  I swear it was yesterday when I was writing you all!!! But nope, here I am again. ahhhhh how time flies when you're saving lives.

hahah So cambios are in and I AMMMM,... 


I am so extremely grateful. I'm seriously seeing milagros up the wazzzooo and don't ever want to leave. haha This week was awesome! 

I went to Conti for intercambios and it's this cute little beach town 3 hours away. It was so fun because I was with one of my fave misssion pals Hermana Garcia from Mexico and we just had a blast. Running away from barkng dogs and finding people who have been prepared by God to hear our message. It was super awesome.

There are just so many things that happened in the week it's hard to narrow it down. But a few things that happened is that we found 3 more investigadores and we have plans this week to put fechas with them. They are incredibel and it is so amazing how Gods been preparing these people all this time so we could touch their hearts exactly when they needed it. 

I love this gospel and I know it's true. It's been a crazy ride here in Talca but I'm so excited to see all the miracles God has in store for me and my companion. Sorry this is a short one but I forgot my journal and I can't remember what happened this week!!! Just know I'm having a blast and I love Chile more than Nutella! Have a great one friends and fam. Stay faithful to the end!

Hermana Hilburn

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