Monday, January 16, 2017

The Weeks Are Flying By

Literally just had to ask my companion if we had interviews this week or the next and it was this week because ... TIME IS NOT THE SAME ON THE MISSION. With loooonnnngggg hot days and short weeks I don't even know what the definition of time is!!! BUT IT'S GREAT!!!!

Ahh seriously this week so much happened. We had interviews with president, intercambios in Nancagua, fechas with Flor, broken bikes and museum visits. ALL IN ONE WEEK!!!! 

But like I said interviews with prez again. It changed mission wide that now every transfer we have to have interviews and training with our president and the poor guy has like a nerve problem due to the intense amount of stress and can't move half of his face. But he still sat through HOURS AND HOURS OF INTERVIEWS WITH HIS BELOVED MISSIONARIES.  What a guy. He helped me so much like he always does and I just have nothing but love in my heart for that man who is giving his all to his Father in Heaven. Ahh what a guy!

Also we had ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING INTERCAMBIOS YET with another peruana Hermana Solano in her sector called Nancagua!!! We saw so many miracles, we taught so many fire lessons it was just so good. 

Then we put a fecha with another investigator named Flor. I almost cried with joy becuase this lady has stolen my heart in a matter of weeks. So start up the prayers for my lady Flor.

Then we went to like the coolest museum in Chile and there are tons of pics.

SOOOOO SORRY THAT THIS WAS A SHORT ONE BUT LOT OF THINGS TO DO. But I hope you all know that I love it here and thinking about leaving these Chileans in a few months really breaks my heart. But I've still got 6 more months to try to bring as many souls back to our Father in Heaven.

Hope you all have an amazing week and if you have time read 4th Nephi becuase it made me cry real hard.

Hermana Hilburn

Taking our broken bikes to our favorite senior couples house

Cool Museum in Chile

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