Monday, March 14, 2016

Life as a Real Missionary!



wow what a week!!!! 

Sad to say goodbye to the MTC but so happy to be here in Talca as a real life missionary!!! 

Okay let me just tell you a little about my first area!!! The city is called Talca but I'm in the Independencia ward and it's awesome!!! The whole place is like major suburbia!!!! Like just for miles and miles houses everywhere so you know what that means,,, SO MANY PEOPLE JUST WAITING TO RECIEVE THE BLESSED GOSPEL AND HALLLAAA I'M HERE TO SHARE!!! No but really the city looks straight out of the Cat In The Hat movie where everything is the same, because that's exactly how it is!!! So weird but the people are awesome. My house is amongst the factory and it's so cute!! It's little but new and very nice!!! There are 4 sisters that live in the house. Me and my companion and another trainer and trainee. They both speak English so it's SUPER NICE because my companion doesn't speak a lick. Not a single word. So you know... lots of sherades.
But my companion is from Peru and she is AWESOME. Her name is Hermana Peralta and she's pretty old in the missionary world!! She's got 3 months left so it looks like she's dying with me!! But I love her! She's hilarious and fun and a crazy hard worker!! 

She's a sister training leader so this week went a lil different than it was supposed to .

She had to go back to Rancagua for a meeting with the President and the other leaders, so me and the other newbie had to stay in the other sector with the hermanas there! and it was a blast!! They are so much fun and we worked all day and man it was just a blast. We mostly contacted but we got into and taught 2 houses!! So it was so great!!

Then my companion got  back at around 6 on Thursday and from then on it was work work work!! We visited some of the investigators that we have and contacted and all the missionary stuff!! It was great!!

So yeah it is awesome being here and guess what... I HAVE A BIKE AND LET ME TELL YOU IT'S A CONSTANT LOVE HATE RELATIONSHIP EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! hahah but mostly love because our sector is huge and so I am very grateful for it. But holy cow, I thought physical science was the most difficult thing I was going to do in my life but let me tell you how wrong I was.... riding a bike with a skirt is! haha but I'm already almost a  pro at it so really don't worry!!

Well being here is crazy!!! I know a lot more Spanish than I thought I did so I'm happy. I really don't know what the people are saying half the time but I know with the help of the lord I'll get there;)

I am just so grateful to be here and to be having this experience. It has really been the greatest and hardest thing I have ever done so far, but I can't wait for what's in store. I love it so much and I love my Savior and the gospel and everything!!

This Sunday we had a stake conference with all the members and Elder Russell Ballard did a broadcast and it was for everyone in Chile. I prayed so hard I would understand and I did!!!!! for the most part!!!

Well I love you all and I'm just one happy gal out here in Talca!! Have a great week and I send my love all the way from Chile!!

Hermana Hilburn

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