Monday, May 2, 2016

Another Great Week!

I feel like the weeks are just flyin bye!! I remember saying how far away Mothers Day was and look at that it's next Sunday!! But I'm not thinking about it until Sunday so I am able to work!!!!
This week was just a goody. Nothing crazy happened but our investigator Andrea is progressing so well. This week we had a CRAZY SPIRITUAL LESSON  with her. I swear I could just cut the spirit with a knife. She was telling us how her whole life has been focussed on other people and helping them and worrying about them and she feels like now is the time to worry about her self and worry about her relationship with her Father in Heaven and my companion and I were both like YESSSSSS ahhhhh it's so great. The elders that live in her actual sector are awesome as well and they have been inviting her to activities and are just really helpful and it's great. But yeah my companion and I are super happy!!
As for the rest of the week.. lots of contacting. I went on splits with the new sister training leader and I wish we could do splits every week because every time we do splits miracles happen. We found a new person and she's so stinking awesome. She let us in we were able to teach her and the gift of tongues was just working like crazy!!!! haha We found her and then contacted the whole day. Let me tell you it was so fun and so crazy as well because no one wanted to talk to us!!! But we tried new things every contact and as the night went on we both felt like masters. Practice does make perfect or at least better.
It's just real awesome how much the Lord helps His missionaries. I can't even begin to tell about all the love and support I've felt from my Father in Heaven on my mission. I just know He loves me and especially his other children and he wants them to find the gospel. He blesses us everyday to help find and teach his children and I just feel so blessed to be His hands in the work.
I especially felt this love as I fasted this week. idk why but fasting is so much cooler as a missionary. 1. Because we are working all day everyday so there's no time to think about food, and 2. we see the fruits of our fast like right after. ahhhhh it just rocks!
I love my Savior so much and I love doing his work. Sorry this was a short one but I just wanna share my testimony. Our mission president always says to share our testimonies with everyone because when you share, it grows. So I just wanna tell you all I know with out a shadow of a doubt I am a child of God and that my Savior lives and he gave his life for my sins and my pains and my afflictions. How awesome is that. He has given us everything and all we have to do is choose to follow him. I'm choosing to follow him and I'm so happy to help others make this choice as well. So grateful for all of you all and for all your support. I've been extremely blessed WITH AWESOME FRIENDS AND FAMILY AHHHHHHHH I love you all so much. Hope you have a great week and can't wait to see my fam next week !!!!!!! halllllaaaaaa
Hermana Hilburn

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