Monday, May 9, 2016

Happy To Talk to the Fam


This week roooccckkkkeeedddd especially because I got to talk to my dearest family and it was so great to see their lovely faces. Shout out to the Hilburns, you really are the coolest fam out there. But I'm feeeeellinggg ALIVE AND READY TO WORK MY BUTT OFF AND SAVE SOME SOULS OUT HERE IN CHILLLLLLLEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!
This week was awesome sauce. We had a zone conference and interviews with president which was so nice. He's so awesome and just is such an inspired dude I'm so sad he's leaving next month but I know that our next president is going to be just as amazing!!!!
We've just been working so hard to help our investigators progress and just help them see how awesome the gospel is but some people just don't want to listen!! But don't worry we aren't giving up because as reps of Jesus Christ we can't, because our savior will never give up on any of us. ahhhhh He's so awesome and I love how much he has done for every single one of us!!!!!
This week we threw a little party for this cute lady in our ward that doesn't have any family living close by her for her birthday. We also sang in a funeral so you know MISSION LIFFEEEEE!!! Lots of crazy experiences every single week!!! Then we went to Conti for p-day this week which is a little beach town 2 hours away and becasue of this I don't have a ton of time to write today because we sitll have to do all our stuff for the week!! But know I love you and that I'm sending all my love from Chile!! Have a great week and do great things friends, because we will be happier if we help others.

I love you all!

Hermana Hilburn One of the favorites. Hermana Janzick
 Companion Hermana Peralta

 All the Hermana's in the Zone
 Gave this sweet sister a little Birthday Party this week

Home sweet home

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