Monday, May 23, 2016

It's Raining Blessings

Thank you all for your prayers for my sweet compy we really felt them!!! For those fo you who don't know my companions bag was stolen last p-day with her scriptures, all her photos, all her memories of the mission and her money. So it was real rough as the week started off. Oh and it rained every single day.. BUT DON'T YOU WORRY HEAVENLY FATHER LOVES HIS MISSIONARIES.

It was really hard for both my compy and I to understand why this horrible thing happened to her just 10 days before she left for her home. She and I were both really sad, frustrated and a little angry about what had happened. Monday and Tuesday my companion was so sad mostly because the loss of her scriptures becasue she was so proud of the work she put into those beautiful things and she was devastated to not have them anymore. She also wouldn't have any of the pictures talks, or music from her whole mission. And to make life a little more dreary it rained so hard for 5 days in a row and it was just really rough. These past couple days have been spent on our knees praying for comfort and peace and help with the work.

AND WHAT DO YOU KNOW THE LORD HELPS US. No he didn't give Hermana Peralta's bag back to her with everything in it but he helped strengthen her. He also gave me the words to say to help her and also the people we needed to teach to help her and man it was just so awesome to see the Lords hand in our week!!!

Tuesday we found this really cute couple to teach and it was pouring rain all day and we couldn't find anyone. And when I say pouring I really mean it because here in Talca, it is known as the city of thunder. There was lightening and thunder and so much rain we could barely walk. But we both wanted to focus on other things and help others and the Lord put THESE AWESOME PEOPLE IN OUR PATH! We both cried a little after the lesson because of how amazing it was and the spirit that was there and I knew it was help for Hermana Peralta to focus on other things and it helped.
But I feel like I learned something real cool this week. That the Lord doesn't always answer our prayers like we hope. Both Hermana Peralta and I wanted her purse to show up on our door step and it never did. But he sent people in the ward and companions to help us through trials. We don't understand why things are hapeening but we don't need to. All we need to know is that we don't need to worry that he will help us and he loves us so much to do that. He also has such a greater plan for us and we just gotta trust in Him.

I'm seriously so sad my compy is going to be leaving me next week. It's so crazy how in a mission we can literally love and be friends with anyone. She has taught me so much and has touched so many lives in the mission.

Don't forget Gods plan for us family and friends. Put your trust in Him. He loves you all and he sure does love my comp. Look for the little blessings becasue when we do we can have a little bit of happiness!!!!!!

Love you all and keep my comp in your prayers. Oh and I guess throw me in there too. I'm not perfect and I need all the help I can get hahah but I know that with my saviors help I can do it!!!!!!!!

Love you all
Hermana Hilburn

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