Monday, June 13, 2016

New Mission news: Hermana's In Pants!

Wow another week flying by!!!!

This week really wasn't anything crazy at all. Just a lot of searching for new investigators, finding some, painting, freezing our buns off, basically being David and Goliath while teaching peeps and new mission news like wearing pants and all that jazz!!

Wow now that I list it out I guess it was a pretty crazy week but all the days are starting to blend together because of how fast time is starting to go now.

But yeah!!! This week we did a lot of contacting and trying to find new investigators and we found one sweet soul named Marlene!!!!! AND GUESS WHAT SHE HATES THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, LITERALLY THE FIRST PERSON I'VE MEET IN CHILE.  No, but she was a very strong Catholic for a very long time but something went down in her church so she changed her faith to Jesus not Catholicism, which is so awesome. We taught her with one of the MOST AWESOME MEMEBER'S and she was just so prepared and awesome sauce and ya. She promised she would come to church but she didn't so we are going to see what happened this week!!

Then we finally found Andrea. I think Satan got a hold of her. She was telling us how she didn't want to take lessons anymore from us and how she thinks this isn't for her. Man, my heart broke and the tears almost started coming. But my compi and I just took a deep breath said little prayers in our hearts and had one of the coolest lessons I've ever had on the mish. The spirit was just so strong and by the end she said she wanted to give it one last try. So she said she would come to church and keep taking lessons. But she didn't come to church so please keep her in your prayers!!!!

We did a lot of painting this week for Yolli and her family because Yolli is doing really bad right now. Her cancer is starting to take over her legs so she can't walk right now so we've been over singing hymns and doing service for her family. Her mom is so sweet and really understands the plan of salvation because she knows she probably won't have too much time with her daughter, but she's enjoying every single day. ahhhhh it's so sad how much pain she's in but we are just doing all we can to help her not think about the pain by singing and reading the scriptures with her.

Also this week we got more information about the pant situation!!! We need to wear them because there is an outbreak disease in Argentina or somewhere close that prevents women form being able to get pregnant, so the prophet is making sure we don't get that. So starting with the new president(who arrives soon) we'll get money to buy really ugly pants!!! But hey it will be a lot better for biking!!!! We can also wear long skirts with tights and we have to wear long sleeves at all times!  And that means in the summer as well!! So we might die of heat stroke but no worries we are protected and I think the prophet knows what he's talking about so I'm not too worried.

So that was my week!!!!! Time is starting to really fly by. I've been out for almost 5 months now what the heck!!!!! I still feel like fresh out of the MTC but can now talk a little better Spanish. I am still learning and growing every singe day!!! Love you guys and the church is true. Be awesome member's that help the missionaries find people because you guys ARE the real missionaries. THE GOSPEL IS GOOD SO SHARE IT!!!!!

Hermana Hilburn

 Doing a little painting and paint brush singing
 It's so cold She needs two coats!

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