Monday, June 6, 2016

New Companion!

Hola familia commmoooo estannnn!!!!!!

This week just flew by and also was really slow because it was a lil strange but all is well!!!!
Let me first just tell you about my cute new compi!!! Her name is Hermana Blake and she's just this cute little blonde gal whos from Spokane, Washington!!!! She is super awesome and so excited to do the work and it's already been just a great 4 days together!!!! I love her so much already and I can't wait for the great things this cambio will have to offer!!!!
But this week was just a bit strange because it was a lot of traveling and not a lot of like work. My compi's bus was late then got lost on Tuesday so me and Hermana Owen (a sweet gal in the other zone) were waiting in the terminal for like 7 hours, no joke for our new companions. But it was a great time just to talk. She is really struggling with Spanish so I was mostly there just to help her realize we are all struggling but it was such a good time just to let all the jitters out while waiting. I just love that gal so dang much!!!

Then I got my new compi!! Then the 1st lesson we taught, we invited her to be baptized and she said YES! It was such an amazing day!! Change is real hard sometimes but it's also incredibly awesome!! New insights and new opinions which is always needed. And Hermana Blake has some great ones. She has 9 months in the mish so she's like the perfect balance of experienced and teachable. We have set some really high goals for our sector and we are working so hard to meet all them!! But then my compi had to head to Rancagua for a meeting because she's a sister training leader and I was put with the sweetest most awesome Hermana. Hermana Sarmiento. She is this adorable Columbian that is 33 years old and has problems with her hearing and can't communicate very well! But she has the strongest spirit I've ever felt from anyone. She also has the best attitude and we just worked our butts off in the freezing cold contacting everyone in sight and finding new people to listen to the good news of the gospel!!!

Then Sunday came along and our investigator Jennifer didn't come to church when she promised she would and neither did Andrea and it really broke my heart just a lil bit. It's realllyyyy hard because we know how important it is for them but they don't understand. But I feel like that's how the Savior feels about us when we break the commandments. He knows it's so important but we don't quite understand. But he still loves us so much anyway and how awesome is that!!!!

I just love my Savior and I just always try to focus on Him when we have bad days because he already suffered so why do I need to? OH YEAH THATS RIGHT WE DONT!! I'm so grateful for Him and the knowledge of His love for me!!!! This week I just ask that you guys put our sector, Independencia B in your prayers because we need a lil help. It's a lil stressful because there's so much pressure on me knowing that I'm leading the sector and I'm struggling just a lil. But DON'T WORRY BECAUSE THIS TRANSFER WE ARE GOING TO KILL IT HERMANA BLAKE AND I!!!!


Hermana Hilburn

 Saying goodbye to Hermana Peralta.. She will be missed
 New Companion....Hermana Blake

 Winter in Chile

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