Monday, December 19, 2016

WELLLLL This week was super hard and cool and awesome and nutz and tears and smiles and just all the works.

So to start off we went to RANCAGUAAAAA. Which means party with president and all of my favorite old people and it was just a JOY to be there and it was so fun to ILUMINA EL MUNDO. So as a mission all of the zones went up to Rancagua and we sang at nursing homes, rehab centers and it just brought me so much joy becuase it reminded me a lot of good ole Upstage times when we would prefroma at different places.

But our zone got to go to a rehab center for women who were recovering from drug abuse. We sang and practiced songs and preformed a show for them. We had about every women in tears becuase even though we were a group of not too talented people singing. The spirit of the Lord was there helping us every second. Then our president talked to them inviting them to partake in the healing power of the atonement and the spirit was just so pure and amazing. Afterwards I had about 10 new friends and gave away 10 B of Mormon's!!! WHAT A GOOD TIME TO SHARE THE GOSPEL. The music not only touched their hearts but gave them hope to leave the pains of the world and to make a new life in the way of our Father in heaven.

Then because I'm a trouble missionary and always have reasons to call the nurse. I too got the virus that's going around in the mission of vomit and all the works but little did I know that this sickness would lead to an incredible experience.

So Thursday I started feelling real bad after lunch. Just super tired and exahusted but we had CUAL QUIER CITA(A lot of appointments) that day so I said a little prayer in my heart that I would be able to push on and serve these chileans.

So the first cita I just was not feeling too hot but I was able to get through it long enough to go to the bathroom at the end. The second city, same thing but when we left, the desire to throw up became a little stronger. So we went to a near by park to take a little rest on the grass. Then as I was lifelessly laying on the ground white in the face and a SUPER PASADO(super angry) Chileano mujer comes out of her house and yells, "get up you shouldn't be laying down in front of my house". Knowing that I was going to throw up on her face I got up and asked if I could go to the bathroom. She rudely declined but stilll talked to us but after 15 min of her complaining about her life she finally let us in so I could use the bathroom. In the bathroom I prayed my face off then left and we were able to share the book of Mormon right before leaving and the spirit was so strong as we testified and I felt better. Then we prayed and left her home.  The second we left her house I ran to the other side of the street and threw up.
I was just so grateful that Heavenly Father was supporting me even through my sicknesses and helped me share his words even when I wasn't feeling good. He truly answers my prayers and understands exactyly what I need.

Other news, please keep Hermana Loreto in your prayers because she has everything completely ready for her baptism this week and she just called us today and told us she wasn't going to get baptized. Right now I'm trying to hold every tear I have in my eyes but I do know that she will one day be baptized. Even though I feel completely heart broken right now and I don't know what more I can do I have faith that our Father in Heaven loves that lady so so much and wants nothing more for her and her family to be an eternal family. That's what I've been fighting for, for the last 5 months. It's insane how much our Father in Heaven loves us and wants us to be together with Him. I know that even though I won't be there to see it or won't be there to help her any farther (because cambios are next week and im probably out) I know one day I'm going to get a letter from some lucky missionary telling me all about it.

I'm so grateful to be here doing the Lords work. Even though it is so hard and sometimes just heart breaking, I know that it truly is the right thing. I can't help but think "Why shouldn't it be hard, If it never was easy for our Savior Jesus Christ." Please send all the prayers possible that I wont't discouraged and that this family will be strengthened enough one day to follow this example of Jesus Christ and be baptized.

I know our Father lives and that he loves each and every one of us. I'm grateful to be here helping these stubborn chileans chagne their lives and follow our Savior Jesus Christ.
Hermana Hilburn

President and Hermana Harris

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