Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Finally Leaving Talca!

Well 11 meses(months) in Talca and I'm finally off!!!!!!!!!!

That's right mission Chile Talca has now officially moved to other parts of the mission and this missionary is so stinking excited for what's to come!!!

I'm also extremely sad to say goodbye to all of the amazing people that I've meet here that have truly blessed and changed my life. I am filled with love for these Chileanos and I never  imagined saying goodbye to some of them would be harder than it was to say goodbye to my own family at the airport. BUT IT IS AND IF NOT HARDER. Because I just love them so so so much!

But even though this week was hard to say good bye to others it has been by far my all time favorite Christmas and deff one for the journal!!!!! This Christmas has been filled with more Christmas cheer than that of Buddy the Elf.

We started off our Christmas Eve as a zone going into the town center and singing Christmas carols to all of the preoccupied shoppers that were filled in the street. At first no one listened but then the sweet spirit of music filled the whole street and we had a good number listening to us. It was incredible to see the work that sweet music can do. Then we went to an old person home and read scripture with all the old people it was just such an amazing day of a lot of joy!!

Then we were invited to a lot of members homes, ate a lot of food and were just happier than ever to have a very hot Christmas.

I'm so grateful for this opportunity that I have to be here in Chile spending the birthday of our Savior Jesus Christ with the people I love so much. Thanks for all your prayers because I've really felt them. Our investigators have felt your many prayers said in their behalf as well.

Tender mercy this week was one Hermana Loreto told us how grateful she was for the help we've given to her. She said that this week she was going to talk to the bishop for some extra help and my heart was just full of gratitude for my wonderful family who has been praying for her these last weeks. I know that one day I'm going to get a very special email with photos of her baptism and it will be the best day ever. I know that it will be even better when she goes to get sealed in the temple and puts herself on that way to eternal life.

I'm just mostly so grateful for the amazing love our Father in Heaven has shown to us. He has blessed us with the literal path way back to Him. I know he loves us so much and he wants nothing more than for us to make it back to His presence. That's my only hope for Loreto and Roldofo and also for my wonderful family.

I sure hope every one had an amazing holiday and were able to really think about the wonderful time we are celebrating. Know that our Savior was born and more importantly that he lives now, and because He lives, I too can live again.

Love you all and hope your holidays continue with joy and light!!!

Hermana Hilburn
One of the sweet primary children of the Talca ward

District in Talca

making sugar cookies with this sweet Hermana

These cute Chileans even cover their trees with yarn

Really going to miss these Talca members

Christmas gifts

More awesome Talca members Hermana Hilburn will miss!

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