Thursday, January 5, 2017

New Area! Yippee!!! Santa Cruz-Hermana Hilburn is Here!


Well as you can probably tell this girl is so happy. Honestly I am just filled with joy to be in Santa Cruz with Hermana Almaki!!

So to start off my companion is incredible. She is from Peru/Argentina and her dad is from Qatar and her mother from Peru. Long story short she is probably one of the most incredible people I've ever met and in one week I truly feel an extreme amount of love for her and so grateful for her example to perserverar hasta el fin because it is her final cambio and she is not giving up for one second. 

We are working in a sector called Almendrosa which is a branch in a district of all branches who are struggling a lot but the missionaries are all teaming up to put our shoulders to the wheel and get Chile back to where it was!

We live with 2 other hermanas who are also working in our ward and it's so fun because now I'm not living alone and I AM SO HAPPY. I was going a lil crazy in the last house living with just one other person but now' its a party and a half because we have other hermanas and a sector full of wonderful people.

So this week I had my first training meeting as sister training leader and how PRIVILEGED I feel right now to be given this opportunity to grow. In just one week I feel like I have grown closer to my father in heaven and learned more how to serve and follow Him. This weeek in Consejo we talked a bout teaching repentance and baptizing converts and the role of the spirit in our propio conversion. It was incredible and especially to listen to our mission president, the most perfect man tell us his need for the atonement in his life and how he too is a sinner who needs the help of our savior. It really made me realize how much I need it as well and how I could better use it in my every day life to repent and become more like Him. Ahhhh IT'S INCREDIBLE HOW TRUE THE GOSPEL IS.

As for other news it was a huge week of service. My companion and I are working to win the hearts of the members so they will help our investigators when we bring them to church. Our service consisted of washing huge Saint Bernard's, taking bikes to the bike shop, cleaning curtains, teaching Spanish to Haitians, and preparing completeos for a newly returned missionary. 

I feel like there was so much that happened in this week that I am forgetting it all but it was because this week was an incredible week of change for me.

I have been praying for a long time to feel the power of the atonement in my life and I really honestly can say that I feel it so strong. I feel the strength from my Savior to hush my fears and my weaknesses and He is the one who gives me strength and I truly have never felt more grateful for Him.

I sure love these Chileans sometimes more than all of you.. haha jk you ALL still have my heart!

Have a great week!!!

Hermana Hilburn
Sweet Reunions

Moving Day

Will miss this sweet little comp

Making and eating Completo's

Happy day to see Hermana Christensen

New bike-with a Baby seat?

Ice cream with her Heidi shirt:)

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