Tuesday, May 9, 2017

New Area, New Companion and More Happiness

Well it's true, I think I am truly THE happiest missionary in the whole wide world. I LOVE Garneros with my whole heart and Hermana Cabana my trainee EVEN MORE!!

So a little about Graneros. IT IS ZION. We have been finding people so prepared. The members DO THEIR CALLINGS and GIVE US REFERENCES. I felt like I was in a dream when I got here the first week because there's a BISHOP that is a REAL BISHOP and has a huge desire to help. Like what??? That exists? After being in a struggling branch I FEEL FREE HERE IN GARNEROS HOLY COW!  It's so incredible and the sector is super awesome. The best part is that literally every single day we leave our house and it smells like CHOCOLATE, becuase there is a huge nestle chocolate factory. It's legit. I'm so pumped. We are going there one day to see if there's a chocolate river inside! HAHA

is so dang cute. We are learning so much together. She is so humble and teachable. I feel like we where meant ot be together!! She's so awesome and fun! She is from Argentina and doesn't have the annoying shaa accent so EVEN BETTER!! haha

Our sector is OH SO GREAT. We are just seeing miracles left and right!!! One experience I want to tell you about is the sweetest family we just found this week and HOW INCREDIBLE Gods plan is!! So my comp and I were looking for some Antigua investigators and went to the house of whom we thought would be the people we were looking for but instead came out a young dad with his sweet daughter who has down syndrome. Me FALLING IN LOVE SO FAST WITH THE DAUGHTER started talking to them and she invited us in like 5 times. But her dad said the mom wasn't there and that we could come back the next day. We did come back the next day and they are SO PREPARED! They told us that when she was born they felt a little abandoned by God and strayed away from Him for a time but as their other daughter grew up she would always ask about God. So this year they started looking for a way to  become closer to Him and then BOOM WE SHOWED UP. Can you say MIRACLE!!!!?  It was such a sweet moment along with many other ones this week.

Well I'm so happy to be here and I just feel such a strong desire to shout at the top of my lungs the peace that comes from the gospel!! That there is a living Christ and that He loves us and that His sacrifice is real and really can change us. I am a living, walking, breathing example of that change!! He has changed my heart to want nothing more than to serve Him. He has brought me peace, forgiveness, understanding and JOY AND I LOVE HIM WITH ALL MY HEART. I know that things get better and that He has a perfect plan for us to follow, if we really submit to Him and walk in His ways, we will find peace.

Well friends and family I know my Savior lives. I know He loves us and His work is HASTENING, faster than anyone can imagine. His peace is real and His joy is true.

Have a great week and remember He lives!! Search for yourself how this statement can change you! because it's changed me.

Hermana Hilburn

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